The intelligent tilt-tray sorter

To stay competitive, airports have to quickly and efficiently deal with large amounts of baggage. Siemens’ latest developments for the tilt-tray sorter VarioSort TTS ensure improved functionality and the highest  efficiency possible. That makes the updated VarioSort TTS with a tray width of 1,000 mm a versatile application for all airport baggage sorting requirements.

The VarioSort TTS baggage sorting solution is a tilt-tray sorter with a very robust and reliable design and belongs to the company’s new generation of sorters. More than 20 years of experience gained in the airport and parcel logistics world have been rigorously integrated into VarioSort. In fact, over the last seven years alone, some 18 km of VarioSort technology – including 20,000 carriers, 230 inductions and 2,000 discharge chutes – have been installed in sorting systems all over the world.  The new tilt-tray sorters from Siemens boast proven reliability thanks to over 100,000 hours of productive operation at installations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Low life-cycle costs for baggage sorting

VarioSort TTS is designed so that maintenance is easy to carry out. Highly energy-efficient linear synchronous motors (LSM) help keep life-cycle costs down. The power supply of the carrier is provided by multi-point power collectors via an industrial standard bus bar system. The control of the tilt-trays is via I-WLAN. Because the sorter is exposed to low levels of wear and tear, it has a long lifetime, which in turn secures investment costs.

Sturdy construction

VarioSort TTS is equipped with solid components. The trays, for example, are constructed from very robust, high-pressure plywood laminate. The material’s temperature-related characteristics remain constant. As a result,  the trays retain their friction coefficient for accurate sorting results. Industry-standard controls and IT from Siemens also contribute to the solution’s sturdiness. The installed Simatic S7-1500process control system supports  scalable system architecture, high-performance engineering tools and a number of additional features. The sorter’s IT can also be flexibly interfaced to the IT in the baggage handling system.

All in all, the current generation of VarioSort TTS ensures optimal sorting performance for fast and efficient baggage handling.


  • High throughput rate of up to 9,000 bags per hour
  • Speed of 2 meters per second
  • Energy-efficient solution with a proven track record
  • High-speed induction of 2,700 bags per hour
  • Scalable low-profile design and modular product components
  • Highest availability and reliability