Baggage Handling SystemsVarioTiltTray

The intelligent tilt-tray sorter

To remain competitive, you need to process large volumes of baggage quickly and efficiently. Our new generation of VarioTiltTray - with a tray width of 1,000 mm - is designed for flexible presorting and for handling different baggage volumes reliably.

The new VarioTiltTray technology builds on our 20 plus years of experience with baggage handling systems. This innovative baggage sorting solution guarantees flexible application and the best passenger service possible. Did you know that we have installed about 33 km VarioTiltTray in sorting systems around the world over the last ten years? Included are 30,000 carrier elements, 230 inductor stations, and 2,000 unloading chutes, with over 150,000 operating hours of reliable baggage sorting at airports in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Benefits at a glance

  • High throughput rates of up to 9,000 baggage items per hour
  • A speed of two meters per second
  • Energy-efficient solution with proven track record
  • High-speed induction of 2,700 baggage items per hour
  • Scalable design and modular product components
  • High levels of availability and reliability

Reduce your lifecycle costs

With VarioTiltTray, you are choosing service-friendly technology. Another very impressive feature of this fast, high-throughput solution is its outstanding energy efficiency. The low-wear tray systems also guarantee a long service life, which safeguards your investment costs.

Put your trust in a sturdy design

The robust and temperature-constant HPL (high-pressure laminate) material utilized in our tray technology ensures reliable sorting of large volumes of baggage. Our advanced software with programmable logic controller enables intelligent process control, which can link into your baggage handling system's IT technology. This generation of the VarioTiltTray lets you implement fast and efficient baggage handling easily and flexibly.

Intelligent tilt-tray sorter VarioTiltTray