Baggage Handling SystemsVarioTip

Increase your baggage throughput with automated ULD unloading

VarioTip is our innovative automation solution for high-throughput baggage handling. Reduce your transfer times and achieve a low left behind index with VarioTip. It can empty up to 20 ULDs in the arrival and transfer areas and process circa 800 bags per hour – thanks to its powerful tilting device. After emptying, the solution reliably feeds the singulated baggage items into your existing system. With VarioTip you increase the degree of automation in your baggage handling and minimize manual intervention – for more ergonomic work in your ground handling.

Benefits at a glance

  • Faster and more efficient baggage handling in the arrival and transfer areas
  • Notably enhanced ergonomics at ground handling
  • Reduced transfer times and improved left behind index
  • Integration into existing systems without interrupting ongoing operations
  • Suitable for different layout configurations and ULD sizes, such as AKE, AKH, and DPE

Modular, flexible, energy efficient

VarioTip can be integrated into almost any existing conveyor system – without interrupting ongoing operations.

Profit from a high level of flexibility: the compact and modular design of VarioTip allows numerous layout configurations, depending on your technical and spatial requirements. So that your airport can benefit from the highest energy efficiency, we use the latest motor technology for our solution.

Automated ULD unloading with VarioTip