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The fast-track airport terminal solution for temporary, interim, and permanent needs

Do you need a new terminal – for special events, a low-cost carrier, or renovation work? CapacityPlus terminals provide a cost-effective solution to accommodate temporary or long-term increase in passenger numbers. The solution comes complete with check-in counters, security systems for passengers and baggage, and a baggage handling system, and can be installed in existing buildings, hangars, and tents.

Benefits at a glance

  • Low-cost terminal solution for temporary, interim, or permanent use in existing buildings, halls, or tents
  • Bespoke turnkey terminals, including planning, design engineering and implementation, maintenance, and technical operation
  • Flexible payment structures
  • Scalable to your specific requirements
  • Adaptable to on-site facilities and infrastructure
  • Short implementation time

Fast, custom airport terminal solution with CapacityPlus

Airport terminals are central hubs for passengers about to embark on their journeys. Smooth processing at counters and conveyor belts has long been the standard. What happens, however, when a special event, a low-cost carrier, or construction work makes it indispensable to build and operate a completely new terminal? We can meet your need for flexible, adaptable solutions for managing temporary or permanent increases in passenger traffic. With CapacityPlus, our complete airport terminal solution, you benefit from a cost-effective service offering that encompasses check-in counters, security systems for passengers and their baggage, and a baggage handling system.

Our references

With CapacityPlus, we can offer you a cost-effective all-inclusive solution individually tailored to your needs. You benefit from the greatest possible level of flexibility with regard to the desired service life, conditions on site, and the business model that suits you best – from lease agreements to a full purchase, including financing.

Dundo, Luena, Saurimo und Soyo, Angola

When the Angolan government initiated a program to improve local infrastructure, high on the list were measures to increase the capacity of regional airports. Airport operator ENANA called for the implementation of four permanent modern airport terminals in a very short period of time. CapacityPlus fit the bill with its modular and scalable setup and fast implementation time. The terminals include all the elements an airport needs to meet international standards.

Bloemfontein und Port Elizabeth, South Africa

In time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Siemens supplied one terminal each for the Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein airports. Airport Company South Africa (ACSA) awarded the contract for the turnkey solutions, which were supplied on a rental basis. Each terminal was designed to handle up to 4,000 passengers per day. After an on-site installation period of just seven weeks, both terminals were finished and handed over. Some 40,000 passengers used the terminals before they were dismantled at the end of the World Cup.

Lisbon, Portugal

Siemens took on an even more challenging project for Lisbon Airport: record-time construction of the new Terminal 2 for departures. After completion of civil works, less than five months were left to set up the terminal. With its new lightweight building structure and several innovative measures for passenger comfort, process efficiency, safety and security, the project opened a completely new dimension for airport terminals. Initially Terminal 2 was used for domestic departures. Today, thanks to the terminal’s modularity and flexibility, it is additionally used for low-cost airlines.

Doha, Qatar

Siemens provided a temporary airport terminal for the Asian Games in Doha. The terminal building was implemented in a tent structure with a total area exceeding 8,000 square meters. The terminal, consisting of a departure and an arrivals area, was especially designed to receive the teams and officials from all participating Asian and Middle Eastern countries. It was in operation during November and December 2006, and Siemens provided all required technical operation and maintenance services. After the games, the terminal was completely dismantled.

Lisbon, Portugal

The idea behind CapacityPlus was born in the run-up to the 2004 European Football Championship in Portugal. Siemens provided a solution to address the capacity and security challenges related to the significantly increased passenger numbers during the event. The terminal was implemented inside a tent structure and a temporarily converted military hangar. It was designed to switch from arrivals to departures operation according to the match schedule. Over a period of one month, 700,000 football fans passed through the terminal, which was dubbed the “Siemens Terminal.” It was completely dismantled after the event.