Increase baggage operations and the performance of your airport

Delayed or mishandled bags are among the number one concerns for airports, airlines and passengers alike. The demand for transparency in baggage processes – driven by industry requirements like IATA Resolution 753 – and increasing passenger expectations have led airports to invest in large data collection projects. The challenge airports are facing is to turn the vast amount of collected data into useful insights that help to improve baggage handling performance and to optimize end-to-end baggage flows. Digital tools that simplify the process landscape at airports play a key role in fulfilling these requirements.

Digitalize your baggage processes

Siemens software Baggage 360 provides a suite of applications to support all aspects of baggage operations in airports. It has three main streams: Baggage Flow Monitor, Baggage Flow Forecaster and Baggage Flow Optimizer.

The different apps provide varied functionality, from real-time monitoring of operations to advanced predictions based on machine learning. That helps, for example, to drastically reduce the number of left-behind bags. Baggage 360 is a mesh of the latest software technology and domain expertise gained from running operations and maintenance activities at airports around the globe. The solution assists in optimizing baggage flow by enabling airport stakeholders to plan and allocate their fixed, mobile and human resources optimally.


  • Gain transparency in end-to-end baggage processes
  • Reduce misconnected bags by optimizing baggage flow planning and cut costs associated with repatriating misconnected bags
  • Increase efficiency of baggage operations teams
  • Simulate demands for baggage handling in advance
  • Easy implementation in any airport, regardless of the size, system or hardware vendor