Identification solutions for optimized tracking performance

Bag tags contain vital identification, sortation and tracking information, and enable smooth processes at airports. Frequent loading and unloading – especially of transfer bags – can subject bag tags to a great deal of wear and tear, causing them to be torn, twisted, stained or otherwise rendered unreadable. Once the barcode can no longer be read, the baggage has to be diverted to a separate station for time-consuming and cost-intensive manual encoding. Even worse, manual encoding often causes delays and increases the likelihood of a bag missing its connecting flight.

Reduce workload and raise recognition rates

Siemens offers Baggage Vision, a camera-based solution, to optimize the sorting processes: Cameras in the Baggage Vision gate capture images of each passing bag and use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to decipher not only the barcode but also the printed bag number on the tag as well as the destination and flight number. The likelihood of no-read cases can be significantly reduced, and sortation can be supported even if the corresponding Baggage Source Message (BSM) is not available.

This results in better recognition rates and considerably reduced workload at manual encoding stations. Plus, there are fewer baggage handling delays. Any baggage handling system can be enhanced with the stand-alone, easy-to-install Baggage Vision.


  • Fully automated processing of a high number of bags even without corresponding BSM
  • Substantially less manual encoding compared to barcode-only readers and thus a reduced need for space-taking manual encoding stations
  • Reduced number of left-behind bags and the need for individual treatment of critical transfers
  • Plug and play maintenance: Computer, controller and cameras can be exchanged in less than 15 minutes
  • Adherence to IATA Resolution 753 on all fixed scanning points