Airport LogisticsReferences

Our customers benefit from a complete range of services, from planning, design, installation and commissioning to training, maintenance, upgrades and modernization throughout a solution’s life cycle.

Airport Projects

Our customers include many top passenger airports worldwide, serving more than a quarter of all global passengers. With the capability to support all airport end-to-end operational and functional processes, we offer a comprehensive portfolio for airlines and airports to deal with the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Dubai International Airport, UAE

UAE, Dubai International Airport
Terminal 3

  • More than 120 km of tray-based conveyor lines designed for a maximum speed of 7.5 m/s and 15,000 bags per hour
  • Continuous expansion and modernization of the baggage handling system, including a fast, economical and environmentally friendly Early Bag Store (EBS) based on a Lift & Run high-bay warehouse approach
  • Long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) contract
  • Extensive use of Siemens Logistics digital solutions (e.g. Baggage 360, Aviation Data Hub, BagIQ)
Incheon International Airport in South Korea

South Korea, Incheon International Airport
Terminal 2

  • Baggage handling system in Terminal 2 consisting of tray technology and conveyor belts with smart software applications to control the system; conveyor system designed for a maximum speed of 7 m/s; handling capacity of almost 20,000 bags per hour
  • Early bag store with two high-bay warehouses for 2,000 bags
  • 182 modern check-ins, 36 self-bag-drop check-in counters
  • Tray system for baggage transport via a 750 m long tunnel between Terminal 1 and Satellite Terminal A
  • Transportation of both out-of-gauge (OOG) baggage and normal baggage on the same tray conveyor line
  • Implementation of powerful high-level control
Guangzhou International Airport in China

China, Guangzhou International Airport
Terminal 2

  • Baggage handling system consisting of tray technology and conveyor belts with intelligent software applications to control the system
  • 340 state-of-the-art check-ins, 52 self-check-in and bag-drop counters, 42 carousels in the make-up area and 21 reclaim carousels for passengers
  • Early bag store VarioStore comprising two high-bay warehouses for 4,000 bags and with retrieval using the Lift & Run system
Beijing Capital International Airport in China

China, Beijing Capital International Airport
Terminal 3

  • 330 check-in counters linked to 68 km-long conveyor systems, including 34 km of trays; with the baggage handling system Beijing Capital International Airport gained the status of an international air hub
  • A high-speed tray system connecting Terminal 3C with Terminal 3E via a 2.2 km-long tunnel, transporting baggage at speed of 10 m/s
  • Baggage handling system control by Siemens’ own complex control and software solution
Kunming Airport in China

China, Kunming Changshui International Airport
Terminal 1

  • 2,700 m long tray-based conveyor line
  • 26 VarioTray TilterPlus for the discharge of bags to two sides
  • Early bag store based on a Lift & Run system for 3,000 items of baggage
Bangkok International Airport in Thailand

Thailand, Bangkok International Airport
Satellite Terminal

  • Supply of a combined belt and tray conveyor system
  • Top speed of 10 m/s and 10,800 bags per hour
  • Transportation of both out-of-gauge (OOG) baggage and normal baggage on the same tray conveyor line
  • Powerful software for optimum utilization of plant capacity through intelligent control of baggage flows
Los Angeles International Airport in the USA

USA, Los Angeles International Airport
Tom Bradley International Terminal

  • Layout, engineering, assembly, commissioning and integration of a new outbound baggage screening system and a new inbound baggage handling system
  • Extension and conversion work performed during ongoing operations
  • More than 1,400 m of conveyor belts, over 300 energy-efficient drives
  • 5 vertical sortation units and 6 high-speed diverters
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in France

France, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 2
Modules E and F - Satellites 3 and 4

  • Implementation of a baggage handling system using belt, tray and sorter technology; the Siemens tray system alone measures 28 km in length
  • Current processing capacity of up to 64,000 bags per day
  • Early bag store (EBS) comprising a high-bay warehouse for almost 1,800 bags
  • Transport of baggage between Modules E and F via a 400­m long tunnel; the trays reach peak speeds of 5 m/s
  • Extensive maintenance contract, also covering equipment from third parties
Munich Airport in Germany

Germany, Munich Airport
Terminal 2

  • A 45 km-long system sorting up to 17,800 bags per hour
  • A baggage handling system that includes an additional early bag store for over 1,000 bags
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M): Siemens has been reliably servicing the system's entire lifecycle since 2003
  • Successful pilot project for automation solution VarioTip in Terminal 2
  • Terminal 1: Long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) contract
Madrid-Barajas Airport in Spain

Spain, Madrid-Barajas Airport
Terminal 4, main building and satellite

  • A combined belt and tray conveyor system for up to 16,500 pieces of baggage per hour
  • Baggage speed of 10 m/s between the main building and the satellite via a 2 km-long tunnel
  • Long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) contract
  • Usage of Siemens Logistics’ powerful high-level control
Palma de Mallorca Airport

Spain, Palma de Mallorca Airport

  • Modernization and optimization of the existing baggage handling system
  • Six energy-efficient tilt-tray sorters to increase the throughput rate
  • Integration of new screening units for improved safety at baggage control
  • Installation of 79 baggage carousels and 60 check-ins
  • Service contract for the operation and maintenance of the conveyor system

London Heathrow, United Kingdom

United Kingdom, London Heathrow
Terminal 2

  • Delivery and implementation of a new state-of-the-art, intelligent baggage handling system capable of processing up to 4,800 bags every hour
  • 116 new check-in desks, more than 1,500 single belt conveyor drives and lifting devices, automatic tag reader scanners, over 5 km of conveyors
  • Smallest footprint of any operation of its kind all under one roof

Cargo Projects

With our combined offering of automation and digitalization solutions, we are in a perfect position to support the air cargo industry in its quest for modernization.

Cargo plane at Dubai International Airport

UAE, Dubai International Airport
dnata Cargo

  • Digital handling of all landside processes with the cloud-based software platform AX4
  • Automation inside the terminal upgraded with CargoCompact software
  • End-to-end digitalization of processes tailored more closely to customer requirements
Dubai World Central at Al Maktoum International Airport

UAE, Al Maktoum International Airport
Dubai World Central

  • Multilevel storage area with capacity for more than 800 ULDs
  • Cold and freezer rooms for processing and storage of perishable cargo
  • CargoCompact software ensures maximal operational performance
Emirates Cargo Mega Terminal at Dubai International Airport

UAE, Dubai International Airport
Emirates Cargo Mega Terminal

  • Wireless automation to primarily process transshipment cargo
  • Construction with a series of modules; fully operational in 2008
  • Enhancement of cargo processing capacities to increase capacity

Hong Kong International Airport
Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal

  • Storage and conveying systems as well as electrical equipment for the new terminal
  • Fastest possible throughput times for cargo and shortest possible waiting times for planes and trucks
  • Tailored solution for a high volume of transit and export cargo
Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal at Taoyuan International Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal Ltd.

  • Planning, design and delivery of equipment from Siemens in the framework of an extension
  • Efficient, smooth and timely air cargo handling thanks to highly automated system with CargoCompact software
  • The latest standard operating procedures for ground air-cargo handling services in import, export, consolidation and transshipment