Streamline processes, increase throughput from baggage

Discover our comprehensive product portfolio for efficient baggage handling in the airport sector: reliable baggage handling systems, high-performance early bag store systems and state-of-the-art baggage carousels, as well as innovative software. Our solutions help you increase throughput rates and improve process quality.

We provide all types of baggage handling solutions

For example Terminal check-ins, belt or tray conveyor systems as well as efficient sorting and baggage reclaim facilities. State-of-the-art airport software solutions round off our broad range of unrivalled products in automated baggage handling.

Our customers benefit from a complete range of services, from planning, design, installation and commissioning to training, maintenance, upgrades and modernization throughout a solution’s life cycle. Our 3,000 employees worldwide provide these services from our own regional subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, the United States and Canada


  • Extensive system engineering: From the first sketch, using simulation and emulation tools, to the installed, ready-to-operate baggage handling system
  • Process improvements: Decades of airport experience combined with our innovative and flexible handling equipment and proven software to boost your processes
  • Comprehensive project management: Crucial for the successful and timely delivery of any infrastructure project, greenfield and brownfield projects alike
  • Reliable system integration: Bringing it all together for our customers, providing them with a state-of-the-art baggage handling system that can grow and adapt as needs change
  • International life-cycle partnership: Safeguard the performance of baggage handling systems over their entire lifetime and, if required, the supply of upgrades and modernization

Baggage Transport and Sorting

We offer tailored solutions for baggage handling: from dependable and effective conveyor belts all the way to our fast and efficient tray technology – including our innovative tilt-tray sorters.


Baggage Storage

A high-performance baggage storage system is especially necessary for airports that offer early baggage check-in. At hub airports with a high number of transfer passengers, the storage system acts as a baggage buffer for peak operations. The baggage is held in the Early Bag Store until the respective flight is ready to be processed.

Baggage make-up and reclaim

Our high-performance baggage carousels available in countless configurations can be employed in passenger areas with elegant stainless-steel cladding or in the make-up sorting halls in a simpler design. Maintenance is made simple through easy access to both the drive and the drive belt.

Software solutions for baggage handling systems

With increasing passenger traffic on the one hand and limited airport capacities on the other, airport operators often find themselves up against great challenges to keep airports running reliably and stably. Help is at hand with our services and solutions across the entire automation pyramid: from low-level hardware and controls to high-level information technology. We ensure situational awareness at all times.

Baggage Handling Portfolio

Your one-stop shop for baggage handling systems. We offer the most reliable automated baggage handling equipment on the market, according to left behind index (LBI) statistics.

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The sky is the limit, no matter what the layout may be, VarioBelt components can be combined to create  a tailored conveyor system that fulfills all your operational requirements.

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VarioSort TTS

More than 20 years of experience in airports and parcel logistics have been rigorously integrated into our innovative tilt-tray sorter

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Our tray system portfolio offers more functionalities and reliability than ever before and is a flexible and smart solution for transfer airports.

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Early Bag Store (EBS)

The early bag store from Siemens goes under the name VarioStore and is operated like a high-bay warehouse. It uses the Lift&Run system which is considerably more flexible and efficient than comparable solutions. Vertical movements are executed by lifting devices and horizontal movements by shuttles. These movements take place simultaneously but independently of one another. As a result, throughput and redundancy can be significantly increased.

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VarioBelt HighSpeedDiverter (HSD 3.0)

HSD 3.0 is the latest generation of the performance leader for horizontal baggage conveyor diverters.  The product features a simplified mechanical design for enhanced serviceability, and the controls have been streamlined with an advanced HMI to make commissioning, setup, and troubleshooting trouble-free.  HSD 3.0 is available in various widths, in UL and CE versions, and is compatible with PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP,  and Digital I/O.

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Baggage carousels

Our high-performance baggage carousels available in countless configurations can be employed in passenger areas with elegant stainless-steel cladding or in the make-up sorting halls in a simpler design. Maintenance is made simple through easy access to both the drive and the drive belt.

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Our innovative BagIQ is an integrated, component-based IT solution for airports of all sizes. With BagIQ, baggage handling processes are operated by dedicated software components for sort allocation planning, hold baggage screening, early bag storage control and plant visualization. All main processing rules are configurable, thus making it easy to adapt to new or changed processing requirements, for example in the context of changing security regulations. Even third-party handling equipment can be enhanced by BagIQ.