Is your airport ready for the digital future?

In our fast-changing economy, customer-centric organizations are using digitalization to disrupt traditional business models. This trend also extends to airports.

As a longtime partner for successful airports around the world and a digital pioneer, Siemens is in a perfect position to guide you on this digitalization journey. Unlike other businesses, the digital transformation of airports has its own set of unique challenges. Siemens draws on its 50 years of airport experience to prioritize key areas in digital development that bring the quickest results possible. Top airport managers and their stakeholders can rely on Siemens to achieve their vision of a digital future.

Discover our solutions for digital airports

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Performance Dashboards

Transforming data into decisions for airport operations management.

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Baggage Booster

Planning, prediction and control of end-to-end transfer processes.

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Operations Manager

Mobile event orchestration for your operations team.

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Baggage Vision

Identification solutions for optimized tracking performance.

Our ongoing focus is to use data, analytics and technology to boost service, throughput and efficiency across the board simultaneously/ Siemens has extensive expertise in this area and a long and successful track record working with Dubai Airports. We are excited about unleashing the potential of closer collaboration for the benefit of our customers and our bottom line

Michael IbittsonExecutive Vice President Dubai International Airport, 2018