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Increase efficiency and connect your airport processes

Big data: Digitalization primarily means networking individual processes and processing large volumes of data.

Many airports lack comprehensive and standardized access to data across all systems – regardless of format or data source. To combine, compare, and process data, it must be transformed on a case-by-case basis. If this applies to you, an innovative solution to standardize and integrate your data is what you need.

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Mark Chavez


Benefits at a glance

  • Provides a single point of truth with the current state of all data sets of different applications 
  • Scalable data model for different domains and objects in several departments
  • Software as a Service model that guarantees the highest data security standards while at the same time maximizing availability, data protection, data integrity and data consistency, as well as optimizing IT operating costs
  • Reduced integration efforts due to loose coupling and fewer direct connections between data providers and users
  • Aviation AI models enable future predictions

Big Data management for airports

Our answer to the challenges posed by big data in the airport logistics sector is Aviation Data Hub – a big-data management model that merges data from different applications onto one platform in real time. It integrates and pools data from all areas of the airport, including baggage and cargo handling systems, air traffic management, and building and energy management systems.

The Aviation Data Hub integrates and standardizes information from different systems so that data can be correlated, providing transparency over baggage handling and operational efficiency. The correlated data is used to derive more efficient operational models and to improve passenger experience at the airport.

You will benefit from an indexed, valid, and homogeneous data source that supplies different stakeholders with real-time data. The information can be displayed on dashboards and mobile and desktop applications.

API documentation for aviation data

Aviation Data Hub enables data consistency across systems thanks to its numerous interfaces. Among them e.g. interfaces to airport, baggage, cargo and flight data. In our Siemens Aviation Developer Portal we provide an overview, examples and references.

What sets the Aviation Data Hub apart

  • A technical solution for normalizing, distributing and jointly using data
  • Based on industry standards – IATA’s Airline Industry Data Model (AIDM) and ACI’s Aviation Community Recommended Information Services (ACRIS)
  • The latest future-proof interfaces (APIs)
  • State-of-the-art protocols for the interaction of interfaces
  • Standard adapters for baggage handling systems from Siemens and third-party systems