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Automated routing to the correct destination – optimize baggage tracking with our identification solutions

Proper baggage handling is essential for smooth operations and a positive passenger experience. Baggage tags include important information for identifying, sorting, and tracking baggage. A damaged label or an unreadable barcode can disrupt the handling process and result in costly and time-consuming manual encoding.

This is where our intelligent identification solutions come in, supporting the sorting process with fully automatic processing – so that as much baggage items as possible reach their destinations without any detours.

Your sales contact for digitalization:

Mark Chavez


Benefits at a glance

  • Fully automated processing of a large number of bags, even when baggage source messages are unavailable
  • Substantially less manual encoding work, and less space needed for manual encoding stations
  • Fewer baggage items left behind and a higher level of connectivity for critical transfers
  • Plug-and-play maintenance: Computers, controllers, and cameras can be swapped out in less than 15 minutes
  • Adherence to IATA Resolution 753 at all defined transfer points
  • Easy installation into any existing baggage handling system

Reduce your workload and increase recognition rates

Baggage Vision is our camera-based solution for optimizing your sorting processes. Cameras capture images of each passing piece of baggage and use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to decipher the barcode, baggage item number, destination, and flight number. This allows fully automatic processing of a large number of baggage items – even if no corresponding baggage source message (BSM) is available. This increases your recognition rates and reduces delays in baggage handling.