Reliable and secure baggage handling control software

BagIQ is the latest version of the proven, scalable, and powerful high-level control (HLC) for baggage handling systems. Through best-in-class dashboards and open architecture, BagIQ enables smart routing and smooth baggage handling operations.

The software forms the foundation for the reliable control of all baggage handling systems (BHS) and is in operation at numerous large airports worldwide. Dedicated software components such as allocation planning, baggage screening, early bag store control, and system visualization regulate important baggage handling processes at airports.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Increases efficiency and reliability of baggage handling operations
  • Cybersecurity by default: Up-to-date, secure and scalable system, with the latest safety standards
  • Redundancy ensures that no single point of failure can impact the baggage handling system
  • Compatible with all baggage handling systems, also from third parties
  • Simple and user friendly: BagIQ is easy to implement, handle and maintain

3D visualization and simulations with 3D SCADA

3D SCADA enables powerful live visualization of your facilities, including baggage that is being transported in real time. Numerous filters, such as those for selecting suitcases from a specific flight, assist in analyzing individual baggage flows. With 3D SCADA, you can navigate through a fully rendered 3D model of your BHS and zoom into relevant areas.

Additionally, 3D SCADA offers a simulation function. This allows you to test the layout of your BHS, explore different configurations, and conduct offline tests for various routing options. Using the software, you can quickly and automatically import and test layout possibilities.

3D visualization and simulations with 3D SCADA

Test and optimize your BHS with Virtual Bags without costly live trials

Together with Dubai Airports we have developed a software to conduct virtual live tests of the baggage handling system (BHS) – without the costly overheads of live trials and dummy bags. Virtual Bags can also help airports to substantially increase the capacity of their existing BHS without converting any hardware.

Learn more about the significant improvement that Dubai Airports has achieved with Virtual Bags.