Utilize the full potential of your parcel hub

Thanks to e-commerce, parcel volumes are growing worldwide. An enormous number of items in all shapes and sizes, as well as varying volumes on a daily basis, are adding more and more complexity to sorting processes. Hub operators are under tremendous pressure. Even small deviations within interconnected processes and a lack of transparency can lower a hub’s overall throughput and jeopardize adherence to service level agreements.

Advanced analytics provide transparency on end-to-end processes

With Hub Booster software from Siemens Logistics, sorting hubs can be operated as efficiently as possible – thereby minimizing operational costs, optimizing resource allocation, reducing the recirculation rate and maximizing asset utilization.

Hub Booster provides analytical processing functions to improve the visibility of the sorting process chain – from end to end – and supports downstream analysis processes and decision making during operations. Ultimately, maximizing valuable sorting system capacities is about making container loading devices at docks available on time, feeding sorters with a balanced load, and emptying chutes in time.


  • A holistic view enables end-to-end analysis of a hub’s complete process chain
  • Hub operations can be kept at optimal performance by detecting anomalies, uncovering underutilized assets and resources, and locating process inefficiencies
  • Automatically generated recommendations guide operators and ensure timely actions
  • Resource prioritization, reallocation and process flow optimization maximize productivity, efficiency and asset utilization while lowering operation costs