Advanced analytics for effective performance improvement

A growing number of parcels in all shapes and sizes, as well as varying volumes on a daily basis, are adding more and more complexity to sorting processes. Even small deviations within interconnected processes and a lack of transparency can lower a hub’s throughput.
Among the challenges are: Making docks available for scheduled loading and unloading, feeding sorters with a balanced load, and emptying chutes in time to use the overall sorting system to capacity.

Analytical core functions for transparent end-to-end processes

Hub Performance Booster software from Siemens provides analytical core functions for transparent end-to-end processes. Thanks to the software, operational data is acquired in real time and made available for immediate use in the form of recommendations for the overall process chain. Hub Performance Booster also enables tracking of the effectiveness of implemented measures. The connections to the process devices are based on standard interfaces. Thanks to Hub Performance Booster, parcel sorting hubs can be operated as efficiently as possible.


  • A holistic view enables the end-to-end analysis of the complete sorting process
  • Automatically generated recommendations guide operators and ensure the timeliest intervention possible
  • Modular architecture allows for demand-driven functional deployment along a hub process chain
  • Effective performance improvement: Real-time visibility along the overall process chain assists in operating a hub at optimal performance