Intelligent and proven solutions – from the first to the last mile

From pre-processing to sequencing – our portfolio of proven mail sorting systems offers you high throughput and availability for processing letters or flats. Siemens mail sorting systems perform every sorting task, whether postcards or parcels up to a thickness of 32 millimeters.

Processing performance at every step

Our portfolio of mail sorting systems offers you extremely reliable performance with high throughput and availability across the entire mail processing chain.


Reliable extraction and interpretation of address information, logos and labels ensure that all items are quickly sorted and delivered.

Sorting and sequencing

Sorting is the essential part of mail processing. Letters and flats all have to be sorted quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently. Our intelligent products and solutions allow you to create seamlessly integrated processes for letters and flats covering every last processing step, day after day.


Discover our solutions for mail sorting

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Sorting and sequencing of letters

Integrated Reading and Video Coding Machine (IRV) and Compact Letter Sorter (CLS) are innovative letter sorting systems with an optimized footprint.

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Ergonomic flats sorting and sequencing

The Open Mail Handling System (OMS) guarantees high speed and high throughput for processing a wide range of mail – from postcards to all types of flats and small parcels.

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Automatic Reading and Coding

Our core competence is flexible solutions for fast and reliable extraction and interpretation of information for sorting and delivery purposes.

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Semi-automatic system for delivery preparation and pre-sorting

Intelligent Data Entry Workplace (IDEW) is a semi-automatic system that brings the sophisticated recognition systems common in automated processing environments to delivery preparation and pre-sorting.

We’re very satisfied with the cooperative way this project has been implemented. Siemens’ high-performance technology enables us to process a very large range of mail types and formats processed in New Zealand, significantly enhancing our efficiency. The systems are connected to statistics software that allows us to monitor system capacity utilization, providing a constant overview that lets us respond rapidly to changes.

Vanessa EllisGeneral Manager Network Transformation of New Zealand Post, 2018