A new automation level in pre-processing for mail sorting

Both urban and rural post boxes will accept anything – letters that are small or large; thick or thin; addressed at the bottom right or franked at the top left – provided it fits through the slot. The possibilities are virtually endless. Around 10 to 15 percent of mail found in post boxes is larger than C5 format, and in the past, postal service providers had no choice but to process these mail pieces completely by hand.  We developed the solution, in our CFC 3004, letters up to C4 format can remain in the mail flow, with around 90 percent of all flats undergoing pre-processing together with smaller standard formats.


  • High versatility with a full set of options for optimal custom tailoring
  • Compact for an optimum use of available floor space
  • Efficiency gains through a reduction of manual work in flats pre-processing
  • High operational throughput of more than 30,000 pieces per hour

The VarioMail Culler Facer Canceller (CFC 3004) High End offers you a new generation of pre-processing equipment

Turning Flats into machinable Mail

The CFC 3004 treats not just regular letters but also flats as what they are – valuable machinable mail. After being faced and stacked – and if required even cancelled – the bigger part of your flats leaves the CFC 3004 perfectly prepared for direct induction into a flats sorter machine.

Maximum Functionality on Minimum Floor Space

Our engineers left no stone unturned to get the maximum out of your costly floor space. As a result, not just the drum but the entire CFC 3004 comes in a surprisingly compact package despite the additional flats processing capability.

Sustainable Performance

How to convert the chaotic heaps of collection mail into a continuous stream of well-singulated items? Siemens’ latest answer to that critical problem is as simple as it is effective: The entire culling process chain has been radically straightened out. A unique, high-performance mixed-mail singulator machine together with sophisticated mail-volume control in the upstream channels enable the CFC 3004 to minimize double feeds and jams at the highest throughput rates.

Minimum Maintenance

The CFC 3004 is virtually free from components requiring sophisticated adjustments. Hence, the most common day-to-day maintenance activity is cleaning.

Advanced Color Recognition (ACR)

Colorful stamps, blue meter marks, black PPIs, tiny 2D codes and even no marks at all – recognition machines operating with Advanced Color Recognition (ACR) can handle this and more with ease. For many years and with great success, Siemens has been relying on ACR technology that, in the meantime, achieves facing rates close to 100%. The latest scanner generation CLSC 3004 provides images at full C4 height for facing and all other recognition tasks, up to address reading with true 256 dpi resolution. ACR is the solution of choice for outstanding facing rates.

Additional Functionalities

Address reading (OCR) and offline video coding for letters, printing and verifying ID and/or destination bar code for letters, revenue protection, and franking/billing service for letters can also be integrated into the CFC 3004.