Service Excellent consulting and predictive maintenance

  • Service 4.0: New consulting concept helps identify individual needs for predictive maintenance on airport baggage handling systems
  • Siemens’ comprehensive and brand-independent life-cycle portfolio ensures higher availability and extended service life

The service experts responsible for the baggage handling system at an airport are familiar with almost every bolt, tray and motor. These specialists can also tell when vibrations or rattling are normal, and when they are a sign of a technical problem. The latter can quickly become very time-consuming and expensive. Predictive maintenance can determine changed conditions or wear before they are perceived by service experts – and before they cause major damage or lead to downtime. Facility monitoring is ensured independent of time and place. Spare parts management can also be optimized considerably.

Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL) has developed a new consulting concept that helps airport operators determine their individual, proactive maintenance needs in their baggage handling system. In the process, the innovative, brand-independent Service 4.0 solutions from SPPAL are deployed, such as vibration analysis, noise pattern recognition and motor power analysis. After an in-depth system assessment, the service consultants draw up a customer-specific maintenance scenario for pilot operation.

In the pilot operation phase, SPPAL installs sensors for condition monitoring on the baggage handling system, without intervening in the existing infrastructure. Data is routed through a gateway to a cloud. For the analysis and evaluation of the various parameters, such as vibrations, noise or temperature, SPPAL experts have access to the data in the cloud.

SPPAL’s service consulting provides system operators with the opportunity to get to know the Service 4.0 solutions. A tailor-made concept shows the individual potential they can take advantage of for the availability, service life, performance, cost efficiency and maintenance schedules of their baggage handling system.



Monica Soffritti


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