Airport logistics Siemens Airport Management and Operations Suite, Siamos, helps transforming data into decisions

  • Tailor-made solutions thanks to a highly customizable system
  • Open system architecture for future growth and seamless integration
  • Phased implementation through a modular system
  • Central and normalized common data reduce risk of errors

Siamos from Logistics and Airport Solutions has been especially developed as modular software solution for airport operations. Applications such as airport performance management, flight planning, resource management, data analysis and dashboards, statistics, reporting and billing as well as flight information display systems help the stakeholders to optimize airport operations.

Siamos responds to the increasing needs of airport operators who urgently need a comprehensive overview of the increasingly complex overall processes with their extreme division of labor. They need to know the causes of problems and exceptional situations right away to be able to react immediately. The different control and management systems normally only allow for a limited view and supply isolated data. With Siamos, Siemens provides a software platform that integrates, processes and visualizes operational airport data. Airport operators can continually analyze the entire operation in real time and take appropriate action to adapt it optimally and flexibly to their operational and commercial targets.

Information from all areas of airport operation can be integrated via standardized interfaces. Siamos supports all main organizational units involved in airport operations and provides decision-making support and forecasts. Systems handling energy management, building management or the control of arrival, departure and transfer areas can be integrated, too. Using an adaptive set of rules, Siamos makes suggestions on the basis of accumulated data to improve the management of operations, helping operators to make effective decisions. Linking the different but interacting processes can achieve overall optimization and thus boost operational efficiency.

Different Siamos software applications are installed at airports worldwide. For example:

The Airport Response Coordination Center (ARCC) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) recently commissioned Siemens Logistics and Airport Solutions to design and implement the Siamos Dashboard at the ARRC. The Siamos Dashboard helps identifying the status of actual and anticipated critical airport resources. It monitors many of the most important landside and airside operations. The overall objective is to improve the efficiency of airport operations and the effectiveness of first responders.

In China, at Shenyang International Airport, Siemens played a major role in transferring all operational activities to the new Terminal 3. Siemens’ scope of supply included system customization, interface development, system integration, remote access, trainings and warranty for two large LCD screens in the departure area as well as 400 TFT monitor displays, plus workstations for airline users. Siemens’ Flight Information Display System (FIDS) has guided travelers safely through the new terminal from day one.

Technical specifications

Siamos comprises the following modules:

  • An Airport Operational Data Base
  • An Airport Process Integration Platform
  • A Seasonal and an Operational Flight Plan Management System
  • A Resource Management System
  • A Flight Information Display System
  • A Dashboard System, and a Statistics
  • Reporting and Billing tool

Interfaces to

  • Airport Operational Database via Web Services or Enterprise Service Bus
  • Multiple turnaround managers at ground handlers and/or airlines
  • Arrival-, Departure and Surface Movement Management System (if available)
  • Central Flow Management Unit via Air Traffic Control to exchange Flight Update Message (FUM) and Departure Planning Information (DPI)
  • Cellular phone provider to distribute text alerts

Graphical User Interface

  • Smartphone
  • Standard PC desktop with different internet browsers
  • Passive large TFT, LCD, plasma screens
  • Video walls in control centers

Features of Siamos’ Airport Performance Manager

  • Holistic consideration of airside and landside processes
  • End-to-end variable process time prediction
  • Consistent process and traffic-flow consideration
  • Comprehensive traffic information for airlines
  • Distinction between imported and locally generated delays
  • Web-based technology to distribute consistent information to various recipients


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