Siemens at Post-Expo 2013 in Vienna

Siemens is showcasing its presence at this year's Post-Expo at the Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center in Vienna, Austria, under the motto "Mastering the Challenge – Driving Flexibility and Efficiency". Siemens Mobility and Logistics will be presenting new trends in end-to-end process automation for letters, flats and parcels at the exhibition for the postal, parcel and express business, which takes place on October 1 to 3, 2013. The focus is on products and solutions for enhancing productivity even further and increasing the degree of automation.

High throughput and continuous system availability are requirements that postal service providers as well as courier, express and parcel (CEP) services must meet today. This is achieved not only by a high degree of automation in the sorting process but also by the smooth interaction of all components and processes. Siemens offers the individual components such as sorting machines for letters, flats and parcels as well as the associated IT and the expertise to design the overall processes efficiently.

Booming parcel business calls for cost-effective life-cycle extension with enhanced performance

The strong growth of the parcel business means that more and more CEP service providers are hitting the capacity limits of their existing parcel sorting network. In many cases, the solution is to extend the existing capacity and increase the throughput of parcels.

Siemens has a long track record in the modernization of parcel sorting centers. As a systems manufacturer, its broad portfolio ranges from overhauling key components and updating machine controls and IT environments through to providing comprehensive system expansions and improving the performance of entire sorting centers, as well as retrofitting control systems.

Hub-oriented IT with the Parcel Hub Suite

There are many uncertainties involved in operating a parcel center. The volumes of incoming parcels vary in size and composition, and valuable production resources can fail suddenly. Another uncertainty is the arrival time of the transport vehicles, which is highly dependent on the traffic and the weather. One of the main aims of the processing systems in a parcel center is to keep the production process costs as low as possible while adhering to the existing service level agreements. Faced with all these challenges, parcel center operators are under pressure to optimize the capacity of their systems. The Parcel Hub Suite software makes a significant contribution to improving the efficiency of the processes, as the performance of a parcel center depends not only on the sorting system itself but also on the smooth, efficient interaction of all components and employees in the hub.

The IT solutions will be exhibited at the fair with the aid of presentations and simulations. Visitors will be able to experience and follow the entire sequence from delivery to collection on screens.

Fingerprint technology for parcels

CEP-services are faced with the same challenge every day: ensuring that millions of items are delivered on time. The enhanced identification method "Fingerprint" from Siemens plays a central role in identifying parcels rapidly and reliably. The method makes use of the phenomenon that all parcels – even if they look identical like deliveries from big mail order companies – differ from each other in some small details.

"Fingerprint" enables tracking and processing along the entire delivery chain. Thanks to this method, it is no longer necessary to print barcodes, and service providers can dispense with processing devices such as barcode readers, label applicators and barcode printers.

Reliable and environmentally friendly parcel sorting with Variosort

Variosort is a highly scalable and adaptable electrical cross-belt sorter designed to increase throughput. The interconnected carriers run on sturdy and compact sorter tracks. Virtually maintenance-free sorter drives and energy-efficient motors keep lifecycle costs down. Siemens will be exhibiting one of its new Variosort 3.0 carriers in Vienna.

Optimized processing for letters and flats

From presorting to sequencing, the Siemens portfolio covers the entire mail automation process chain, offering optimum solutions for different mail streams. It ranges from the Culler Facer Canceller for mail from postboxes, which is capable of sorting mail items up to the B4 format, through to the highly automated flats sorting system that processes everything from postcards to flats with a thickness of 32 mm. Combined with recognition and IT technologies, the sorting systems from Siemens offer a solution for every mail stream.

Solutions for the private postal services market

The private postal market is growing rapidly. Private postal service providers are faced with the challenge of increasing their productivity and handling increasing volumes of mail. The Compact Reader Sorter CRS 3000 boasts a throughput rate of more than 45,000 items per hour, processing everything from postcards through to items in C4 format. Thanks to the modular hardware and software concept, the system can be tailored exactly to the individual needs of each customer. Defective or invalid barcodes can be corrected with the Labeling Machine, LBM 3000, which applies blank or preprinted labels to the mail items.

Siemens is the global market leader in the mail sorting industry. Some 23,000 Siemens systems are installed in more than 50 countries. Siemens sorts around 35 percent of all mail worldwide. In the USA and Germany, more than 90 percent of all mail passes through Siemens systems.

Dear Visitors, We look forward to welcoming you to our exhibition stand 1500 in Hall C from October 1 to 3, 2013. We would be pleased to put you in touch with suitable contacts to discuss topics of interest to you and give you a preview of our innovative postal and CEP solutions.


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