Siemens at Post-Expo 2017

  • Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics is to present efficient automation, software and
    service solutions for postal and parcel service providers at Post-Expo 2017
  • From September 26 to 28 at Palexpo Geneva in Hall 4, Stand 1010
  • Show highlights include the sorting solutions Visicon, VarioRoute, Intelligent Data Entry
    Workplace (IDEW), the Open Mail Handling System (OMS) and Mobile-PRO, the IT platform
    LogX4 with further software solutions and the service portfolio for life-cycle extension

Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL) presents products and solutions which enable customers to prepare their postal and parcel sorting for the future at this year’s Post-Expo on September 26 to 28 at Palexpo in Geneva. The company highlights in Hall 4, Stand 1010 are Visicon for reliable parcel singulation, VarioRoute for fast flow splitting, IDEW to assist in address-reading and optimizing manual sorting, as well as the Open Mail Handling System (OMS) for efficient and variant-rich flats sorting. Software technologies such as Networkwide Planning and Last Mile Optimization which are integrated into the LogX4 platform make the logistics chain transparent and help to utilize efficiency potential. The trade fair presence also includes products, solutions and services from the service area for life-cycle extension and performance enhancement, such as Mobile-PRO and other retrofits.

Efficient and reliable parcel singulation with Visicon
Visicon permits the fast and efficient singulation of parcel flows in bulk applications. The parcel flow is initially separated into individual layers and thus transformed into a 2D flow. Cameras then record the shape, size and position of each parcel. Through the optimized, coordinated use of multiple narrow belt conveyors in a side-by-side configuration, each driven differently depending on the position of the parcels, the postal items can be uniformly oriented and singulated. Control is carried out on the basis of real-time image information. The parcels are then positioned with predefined spacing and are then ready for subsequent processing steps such as scanning and weighing. Siemens offers Visicon variants for different demands: Visicon Polaris for large, heavy parcels and Visicon Capella for small, lightweight parcels.

VarioRoute: Flow splitting with up to 13,000 parcels per hour
Energy-efficient and fast rerouting of up to 13,000 parcels and small parcels per hour can be achieved with the compact VarioRoute. Whether it is small parcels of only 100 grams or heavy parcels of 50 kg, the system transports items of different weight classes by means of a row of pivot rollers in two or three different directions. Each roller can swivel +/-45 degrees has its own integrated electric motor which is individually controlled by the higher-level Simatic S7 controller. The use of pneumatic systems is completely eliminated with VarioRoute and the integration of this robust solution into a wide variety of systems is easily supported.

Semiautomatic sorting to optimize the last mile – IDEW
IDEW (Intelligent Data Entry Workplace) is a software-based solution for the fast, easy and error-free manual sorting of letters, small parcels and parcels for the last mile – the delivery route. Personnel use a camera to record the information in the address field which is subsequently evaluated on the basis of the sorting plans defined in the software. The software user interface indicates the corresponding pigeon hole where the mail piece must be placed. Proper sorting is also facilitated by an optional light signal which appears in the respective position. IDEW can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure and permits the use of untrained personnel without knowledge of the sorting route to achieve fast manual sorting. In this manner, the system significantly reduces the error rate and increases the speed of manual sorting.

OMS: High throughput with a large mail spectrum
Flats, newspapers, brochures, open and plastic-wrapped magazines, catalogs as well as small parcels – different mail types and formats do not affect the performance of the Open Mail Handling System (OMS). The system processes up to a thickness of 32 millimeters. The key features of the OMS include the high level of automation for letters and flats, coupled with fast sequencing and sorting processes in an ergonomic environment.

Sotware solutions for transparency along the entire supply chain
Innovative networked IT solutions are becoming more and more important for operating sorting centers and the parcel network, as they are able to effectively and efficiently handle increasingly diverse volumes of parcels. LogX4 brings all of the software products required together on a shared IT platform, thus creating transparency to identify efficiency potential and increase flexibility. LogX4 is therefore a key element for controlling and maintaining performance. Postal and parcel logistics customers can put together their own individual software package depending on their requirements, using the various items in the LogX4 portfolio such as the new Networkwide Distribution Planning and Last Mile Optimization.

The solution for networkwide distribution planning helps with the planning, optimization and control of cross-regional parcel and postal streams. It maps them clearly in a software interface. The system also ensures data consistency, improves sort plan management and allows error-free distribution in the last mile. Last Mile Optimization, allows greater flexibility enabeling deliberies to be designed in a more dynamic and cost-effective manner. The software tool ensures better utilization of delivery transport right from the sorting process stage, allowing optimum resource planning and economical route planning.

Service and retrofit: Longer life and increased performance
To increase the service life and efficiency of existing postal and parcel systems, SPPAL offers innovative retrofit measures and services. These include concepts to upgrade the control of various parcel sorters and Mobile-PRO, the mobile maintenance shop for telescopic conveyors.

SPPAL's Mobile-PRO is a time and cost-efficient service product to extend the service life of telescopic conveyors for loading and unloading trucks. The maintenance shop is located in the trailer of a road-approved truck and can move from ramp to ramp on the customer's premises. Within two days, the Siemens team carries out the necessary repair and maintenance work on the telescopic conveyors in a targeted manner, irrespective of brand. Operation can continue without interruption in directly adjoining areas of the sorting center.


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