Airport logistics Siemens expands baggage handling system at Abu Dhabi International Airport

  • New automated in-line screening further enhances passenger convenience and security in Terminal 1
  • Increase of check-in and make-up capacity in Terminal 3

Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics is currently upgrading the baggage handling system at Abu Dhabi International Airport to further enhance passenger convenience and prepare for the expected passenger growth.

Ahmad Al Haddabi, Chief Operations Officer at Abu Dhabi Airports, said: “The upgrade to the baggage handling system throughout the airport is a key innovative and pragmatic initiative to ensure the continuous delivery of efficient flight operations and convenient passenger experience. Abu Dhabi Airports is working closely with Siemens to guarantee that normal airport operations continue to run as smoothly as usual and passengers are not affected while this project is underway.”

In Terminal 1 (T1), Siemens is expanding the existing departure system. In addition to new baggage conveyor lines the company integrates a fully automated hold baggage screening system as well as explosive trace detection equipment (ETD).

The new system replaces the current lobby screening in the T1 and T1A levels which is operated manually by airline staff. Besides optimized screening operations, the relocation of the screening process offers many other customer benefits. For example, the airport operator can ease passenger movement and establish new retail facilities to further enhance the airport ambiance and passenger experience.

In Terminal 3, the baggage handling system has been tapping its full potential during peak hours. For that reason, the airport operator has decided to increase the check in capacity as well as enhance the sorting and make-up area for departing flights. Siemens was contracted to upgrade the baggage handling system to double the check-in capacity. Both Siemens projects are scheduled for completion by early 2016.

These contracts build on a long history of projects that Siemens has successfully completed at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Recent projects include the new transfer baggage facility as well as the first US pre-clearance terminal in the Middle East which allows passengers on US bound flights to clear immigration and customs at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Furthermore, Siemens takes care of operation and maintenance (O&M) for the baggage and material handling systems at the airport.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is one of the fastest growing airport hubs in the world currently serving over 96 destinations in 54 countries, and in 2014 over 20 million passengers used the airport as their origin, destination or transit point for international or domestic flights. An anticipated 30 million passengers are expected in 2017.



Monica Soffritti


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