Airport logistics Siemens Logistics develops innovative and sustainable technologies further

  • PTE 2024: April 16-18, Messe Frankfurt, Hall 5.1, Booth D232
  • Digitalization, automation and sustainability in the spotlight
  • Advanced technologies for efficient, resource-saving processes

At this year's Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE), Siemens Logistics will be presenting an innovative portfolio of high-performance hardware, intelligent software and smart service solutions for the continuous improvement of baggage handling. Fair visitors will have the chance to learn how airports and airlines can make more efficient use of their existing systems thanks to advanced technologies – and act in a resource-conscious manner at the same time. Starting April 16, interested parties can gain exciting insights into the products and innovations of Siemens Logistics at Messe Frankfurt, Hall 5.1, Booth D232.

Digitalization, automation and sustainability are becoming more and more important in the airport industry. Siemens Logistics continues to further advance these topics with future-oriented solutions. "Our technologies combine the real and digital worlds, enabling our customers to implement seamless processes," says Michael Schneider, CEO of Siemens Logistics. "With our products we support our customers to make their business more sustainable. We are very pleased to present the extended Siemens Logistics portfolio at the PTE and to bring new ideas to the airports sector."

Siemens' Aviation Data Hub provides the ideal platform for the efficient collection and use of relevant data from various sources in airport operations. In addition, customers are enabled to develop their own AI applications. Thanks to its modern interfaces (APIs) and open architecture, the Aviation Data Hub can be integrated quickly and easily with existing IT systems.

Highly developed AI is also used in the baggage management software Baggage 360, which is unique on the market. It functions like a digital twin for baggage handling processes and empowers airports, airlines and ground handlers to forecast baggage volumes and arrival times 24 hours in advance. The application additionally allows airport operators to ideally plan and deploy their fixed and mobile assets as well as human resources. Baggage 360 is being refined continuously and now features new applications that include functionalities for even more sustainable processes and an improved passenger experience.

For the intelligent, secure, and sustainable management of baggage handling systems Siemens Logistics presents its sophisticated high-level control software BagIQ. Thanks to a new 3D module, it can now not only locate baggage items in real time, but also visualize them. This enhancement ensures increased system transparency and helps to make optimal use of the often-limited time window available for transfers. Airports, airlines, and passengers alike benefit from this.

The advanced maintenance solutions from the SmartService portfolio also provide significant advantages for airports and make an important contribution to sustainability. These allow airports to switch from time-consuming, calendar-based maintenance to much more effective, predictive maintenance. As a result, inspections, repairs or replacement of parts are only carried out when actually needed. This approach uses resources sparingly, extends the service life of system components, and simultaneously promotes more efficient and sustainable operation.

With VarioTip, Siemens Logistics offers a powerful and unique solution for the automated unloading of unit load devices. Besides a high baggage throughput, VarioTip significantly contributes to safety and ergonomics in ground handling. It relieves personnel from the physical strain associated with moving heavy bags.

Customers and interested parties will gain further insights into the products and solutions of Siemens Logistics at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2024 in Frankfurt.



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