Airport logistics Siemens Logistics presents new solution for automated emptying of ULDs at airports

  • VarioTip: faster and more efficient baggage handling processes
  • Consistently high throughput rates and energy-saving tilt mechanism
  • Improved ergonomics for ground handling

Siemens Logistics has launched VarioTip, a product for the automated unloading of baggage from unit load devices (ULDs). A powerful tilting device enables VarioTip to empty up to 20 ULDs – circa 800 items of baggage – per hour in the arrivals and transfer zone. Once unloaded, the baggage is efficiently singulated and fed into the existing system. Airports that opt for VarioTip instead of manual processing can achieve a significantly higher continuous baggage throughput in a shorter time frame. They also benefit from minimal manual intervention and enhanced ground handling ergonomics.

“With our latest development, we are supporting the growing demand for automated processes in airports,” says Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. “The VarioTip technology is both extremely robust and highly sophisticated, significantly increasing the degree of automation in baggage handling. This offers our customers an optimized work environment and higher productivity, as well as a clear competitive advantage.”

ULD emptying with VarioTip makes it possible to achieve consistently high and reliable throughput rates over an extended period; this is essential for conveying transfer baggage quickly and safely. This in turn lowers the left-behind index (LBI), thereby improving it. The optimal singulation of the full range of baggage items following the tilting process and the consequent feeding into the present system also contributes to this.

Thanks to its compact, modular design, VarioTip from Siemens Logistics can be integrated into almost any existing conveyor system. The solution also offers a wide choice of possible layout configurations to suit different technical and spatial requirements. State-of-the-art, energy-efficient drives ensure seamless operation. VarioTip unloads various sizes of ULD such as AKE, AKH and DPE, making it a highly versatile device.

A use case is currently being piloted at the Franz Josef Strauss Airport in Munich, Germany. VarioTip was installed at an existing bag drop in the Terminal 2 arrivals zone during – and without disrupting – ongoing operations. The aim is to test, under real conditions, the automated emptying of the ULDs during baggage handling operations.

Further information on VarioTip is available here.



Monica Soffritti


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