Airport logistics Siemens modernizes baggage screening at Dublin Airport

  • Improved security and increased capacity
  • Upgrade baggage screening according to tightened international security rules
  • Implementation during live operation

Siemens Logistics has been successful in their bid to integrate a new hold baggage screening system (HBS) at Dublin Airport, Terminal 2. The contract with daa includes replacing the existing HBS and installing an additional line to further increase capacity. A special challenge presented by this project is to conduct the work, without causing any restrictions to normal flight plan or passenger operations.

“We are delighted to once more support daa with the baggage handling system at Terminal 2 and to continue our partnership with Dublin Airport,” stated Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. In 2010 Siemens supplied and installed the baggage handling system at Terminal 2 which consists of 6 km of conveyor and an automated sorting system. At the time, the construction of the new terminal was one of the largest civil projects in Ireland.

“The decision to opt for Siemens is based on the long and positive relationship. In addition, Siemens have demonstrated their commitment to Dublin Airport providing an experienced team on site”, added Professor Stephen Byrne, Head of Design and Delivery at daa.

The implementation of new baggage screening units is based on increased international safety regulations: All baggage inspection systems at European airports must be equipped with explosives detection systems based on Standard 3 HBS Security Regulatory Requirements.

Dublin Airport is one of only two European airports that offer automatic US customs preclearance. Once passengers have successfully completed the security control process, checking through of their baggage to their destination in the USA requires no further formalities. On arriving in the US, they are treated as domestic passengers.

Siemens Logistics has its regional company based in the UK, headquartered in Heathrow. Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics Ltd. provides local operators of leading international transport hubs and regional airports with operational, service and technical support. With this local presence Siemens can ensure optimum customer service and competent local handling of projects.

In addition to Dublin Airport, Terminal 2, Siemens Logistics is also implementing new hold baggage screening systems in other airports, including Munich, Terminal 2 and Palma de Mallorca. The company’s successful track record also includes long-term operation and maintenance contracts with more than 40 airports around the globe.



Monica Soffritti


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