Airport logistics Siemens successfully implements just-in-time freight handling platform for dnata Cargo

  • First-of-its-kind cloud-based booking platform in Dubai
  • Improved operational planning, efficient processing and significant savings for all freight forwarders
  • End-to-end transparency of the entire cargo journey


Siemens Logistics has implemented a smart just-in-time freight handling platform for dnata Cargo in Dubai: Appointment and Dock Management (ADM). ADM enables freight forwarders to book an appointment with the cargo terminal to deliver and pick up consignments. The system considers multiple parameters – such as shipment characteristics, flight details, vehicle types and other business-relevant factors to determine the optimal slot for delivery or acceptance of goods. A unique feature of the digital platform is its capability to intelligently predict the duration and suggest an appropriate slot based on the historical behavior of the forwarders and the flight schedule.

ADM has reduced the average freight handling time at Dubai cargo terminals by more than 60 percent to an average of 30 minutes. These figures are representative of how ADM meets the industry’s needs for planning and transparency to avoid costly idle time for carriers, freight forwarders and terminal operators. Furthermore, ADM allows terminal operators to see demand in real time, enabling them to plan the required resources and serve customers just in time. The solution coordinates with Dubai Customs to schedule inspection activities too. Further associated business processes within the cargo terminal are also integrated as part of automated process connectivity.

As one of the world's leading cargo service operators, dnata handles over 2.9 million metric tons of cargo per year at 46 airports around the globe. The Siemens solution installed in Dubai integrates around 800 supply chain partners and manages already more than 600 appointments per day, whereby the system is capable of even more. ADM is based on the Logistics Platform AX4 from Siemens Digital Logistics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens Logistics.

"With AX4 and the newly developed ADM, we offer powerful applications for increasing efficiency in freight and cargo process management. We are proud of how the platform in Dubai has improved our customer's business processes," says Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics.

"The now fully operational ADM solution from Siemens is a crucial element in our overall digital transformation program," underlines Bernd Struck, Senior Vice President UAE Cargo & DWC Airline Services for dnata. "The tool seamlessly integrates into our existing air cargo supply chain community trading platform, connecting over 800 supply chain partners with 2,000 users."

Siemens Digital Logistics is a provider of software and consulting solutions for the digital supply chain. The cloud-based logistics platform AX4 is among the leading IT platforms for managing cross-enterprise supply chain processes and enables digital integration of various players and system environments.




Monica Soffritti


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