Parcel Logistics Siemens Visicon singulator achieves its highest throughput to date

  • More powerful Visicon, now with a throughput of up to 18,000 parcels per hour
  • Suitable for a wide range of packaging materials including polybags
  • Fully automated technology with AI-based vision system

Siemens Logistics has further developed the globally proven Visicon. The singulation technology now achieves peak values of up to 18,000 items per hour. It is capable of processing a broad range of shipments in regard to size, format and packaging materials – including polybags.

In parcel sorting centers, large volumes of parcels are typically delivered in bulk. They first need to be singulated with defined gaps for the next process steps. Fast singulation with Visicon at the beginning of the sorting process creates the basis for maximum overall system performance. Downstream modules can therefore be optimally utilized to handle vast quantities of parcels.

"Parcel service providers worldwide already benefit from the more than 600 Visicon installations, which reliably singulate a large number of shipments every day. With the even more powerful Visicon, we offer our customers a technology to process growing parcel volumes," says Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics.

Visicon generates a continuous stream of individual items arranged one behind the other at defined gaps. In this way, consignments are prepared for subsequent processing steps such as scanning, weighing and sorting.

A key component of Visicon is a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI)-based vision system that accurately detects the shape, size and relative position of each shipment. The information is relayed to the control system, which calculates the parameters required for singulation, such as spacing and alignment, in order to control each belt individually and singulate the packages precisely and fully automatically.

Up- and downstream modules complement Visicon and further optimize its performance. Upstream of Visicon, the so-called cascade transfers shipments lying on top of each other into an evenly distributed, two-dimensional stream of side-by-side parcels. In the downstream alignment module, the shipments are lined up one behind the other. The subsequent extraction unit provides the option of ejecting non-machinable items. An intelligently controlled module consisting of conveyor belts is available for defined gap formation.

For further information on Visicon, please see here.



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