Digital Solutions Higher performance in container terminals

Container ship at cargo terminal

Today, many container terminal operators are struggling with capacity constraints. They are expected to handle more cargo in less time using the existing stock of cranes and other equipment. And time is precious in cargo logistics: each minute saved in transferring goods from ship to shore frees up time for the rest of the long journey. Retrofitting terminals by adding more cranes, for example, is complex, time-consuming, and costly.

Increase productivity with streamlined processes

A quick and effective way to increase throughput is to install powerful software, such as Equipment Logistics System (ELS) from Siemens Logistics. ELS focuses on improving efficiency to maximize throughput with existing cranes and other facilities. The software accounts for all movements within a terminal, creating transparency. With it, different equipment can also be better aligned and synchronized. During peak periods, for example, ELS calculates the most effective scheduling to optimize operations.

Actual application at various client operations demonstrate that using ELS leads to significantly better utilization of existing capacity.

Ready for use anywhere

The software offers different modules for maritime and intermodal terminals. Brownfield or greenfield terminal: ELS can be deployed anywhere to improve operations.

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