Automated ULD Handling Significantly improved work environment with automated ULD unloading

Baggage trolley

Airport ground handling is a challenging area with many different aspects to be considered. Numerous tasks on the ground are coordinated to optimally prepare an aircraft for its next trip. This includes unloading suitcases quickly from unit load devices (ULDs), a process which is still primarily carried out manually today. Heavier baggage items can weigh up to 32 kilos, with individual workers moving tons of luggage every day. It is a particularly strenuous process which involves intensive physical work.

High baggage throughput and optimal deployment of personnel resources

Siemens Logistics offers a unique solution for unloading ULDs quickly: VarioTip automatically empties unit load devices and considerably minimizes the manual effort of ground handlers. Physical strains and potential risks – such as falling suitcases – are a thing of the past. Besides a significantly improved work environment, ground handlers experience enhanced safety in carrying out their duties. The deployment of ground handling personnel can also be optimized, as only one person is needed to operate and monitor VarioTip.

With its high-performance tilting device, VarioTip effortlessly handles up to 800 bags per hour. In addition, the device achieves consistently high and reliable throughput rates over a long period of time – an essential factor for the swift and safe conveying of transfer baggage.

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