Digital Solutions The benefits of forecasting baggage flows

Airports and airlines face many challenges: Staff shortages, tight transfer times and high costs create tremendous pressure to operate faster and more cost efficiently at the same time. A robust baggage handling solution is key to ensuring smooth operations.

In an ideal world, passengers and baggage travel together and arrive on time without disruption, even when connecting times are short or flights are delayed. Efficient planning – which can in turn be improved by being able to forecast expected baggage flows and quantities – is beneficial.

Baggage 360 from Siemens Logistics, for example, serves this purpose. The software is the only solution on the market capable of forecasting future baggage volumes, including the level of criticality, up to 24 hours in advance. Airports, ground handlers and airlines can see into the future to better understand processes and find optimal solutions for their operational challenges. They can identify potential bottlenecks caused by delays and resolve them before they arise to maximize resource efficiency and prevent unnecessary expenditures. Why? Reuniting misdirected or delayed baggage incurs enormous costs – on average €150 per mishandled bag.

Operating successfully at one of the world's largest hubs

Baggage 360 is already in use at major hubs, among them Dubai International Airport (DXB). DXB is one of the busiest airports worldwide: Each year, tens of millions of passengers – and their baggage – travel to, from and through DXB to reach destinations around the globe.

“Baggage 360 is a game-changing application that has enhanced the efficiency of our airport and operations of the airlines and partners here at DXB.”

Tanya WilsonProduct Manager – Airport Operational Systems Dubai Airports

At DXB, the Siemens Logistics application serves as the digital twin for baggage handling processes, giving full end-to-end transparency of the process – from baggage check-in to arrival. Stakeholders throughout the airport enjoy the benefits of proactive collaboration, monitoring and actionable recommendations.

Thanks to Baggage 360, DXB operators can forecast the expected baggage volume ahead of time. Proper preparation guarantees that luggage can be transferred within very short time frames. This way, Dubai Airports could reduce the volume of left-behind baggage and avoid high costs associated with returning misdirected bags.

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