Intelligent solutions for effective and future-proof parcel logistics

A parcel goes through a great many steps on its journey within a hub – from unloading, singulation and recognition all the way to sorting. Speed and efficiency are the name of the game. Yet problems arise when weak points in the process slow things down. So how can these weak points be best avoided to reduce the time parcels spend in the sorting network and improve the overall efficiency of the facilities?

Every detail is covered

Siemens engineers have examined each stage of the parcel processing chain, because every single step contributes to system throughput. Their efforts have revealed hidden potential for optimization, which has been integrated into Siemens’ portfolio for parcel handling.

With Siemens as your reliable partner, you benefit from innovative parcel sorting systems and software solutions – which offer great flexibility and route parcels quickly and safely through the sorting center.

Unloading and Conveying

Fast truck unloading gets the shipping process off to a good start. Manually unloading parcels from trucks, swap bodies or roll containers is no easy task – it puts strain on the operators and requires considerable physical strength, endurance and time.

Automatic and semi-automatic unloading aids have been around for some time now in the parcels sector. Siemens’ solutions stand out because they can be integrated into existing transport containers and docks with minimal effort.


The incoming three-dimensional bulk flow has to be cascaded quickly and efficiently into a single layer at the start of the sorting process. The two-dimensional flow is formed by situating the parcels side by side and then transforming them into a single file. After that, the parcels are ready for further processing.

Reading, Coding and Tracking

Postal and parcel services require reading and recognition systems for a whole range of demands. Fast and reliable recording and interpretation of information ensure quick sorting and delivery processes for all items. Our technology can decipher machine- or hand-written addresses – whether written in Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese characters. It also recognizes linear and 2D barcodes, such as stamps, stickers, logos and labels. What’s more, our fingerprint method makes it possible to process items without printing barcodes.


Sorting is the heart of the CEP operation. Parcels have to be routed quickly, reliably and safely through the sorting center. Our innovative parcel sorting systems offer great flexibility and can be easily adapted to your requirements. At the same time, they ensure high system throughput – regardless of the parcel size, origin or destination.

Digital Postal and Parcel Networks

Digitization is a key factor for improvement in parcel logistics. With our Digital Postal and Parcel Networks solutions we offer a smart portfolio for the most varied requirements for the digitalization of parcel hubs and networks.

Discover our solutions for parcel sorting

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Reliable unloading

Our telescopic conveyors and Rubus are efficient unloading solutions and the perfect starting point for seamless parcel processing.

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Smooth conveying

Modular, easy to operate and requiring very little maintenance, the VarioBelt conveyor system is designed for reliable and smooth operation of a wide range of products.

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Intelligent singulation

Visicon Singulator converts a non-layered parcel bulk flow into a stream of singulated parcels.

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Fast diversion and induction

VarioRoute is a cost-effective flow splitter. Our induction solutions are extremely flexible and induct parcels gently on the sorter.

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Flexible and efficient sorting

The cross-belt sorter platform VarioSort offers high performance for a large range of parcel sizes.

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Automated Bag Management System

The Automated Bag Management System is an innovative solution to process small parcels fully automated.

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Automatic Reading and Coding

Intelligent solutions for fast and reliable reading and coding.

Solutions for efficient Parcel Handling
Solutions for small items
DHL Express Parcel Centre Basel, Switzerland

Our company has the largest global express network and transports urgent documents and goods reliably and punctually from door to door in over 220 countries. The innovative sorting center from Siemens enables us to guarantee and further improve this high quality of service.

David KaeserCustomer Operations Manager, DHL Express, 2018