Address Data and Sort Plan Management (ADM-SPM) is developed to fulfil the requirements of highly automated postal and CEP organizations.

Postal and CEP operations require consistent, centralized solutions for their network-wide sorting strategies. The ADM-SPM software handles address data for the sorting process, provides address directories for recognition systems, and automatically creates multi-level sorting plans for sorting facilities.

Raise the operational productivity of address data management

As a network-wide system, ADM-SPM prevents sort plan inconsistencies within and between sorting centers. Thanks to a high degree of automated update functions, it contributes to higher operational productivity.

The system is easily adjustable to changing business requirements by adding software modules or connecting new machinery.


  • Efficient and reliable management and maintenance of address data
  • Compilation of address directories (vendor independent)
  • Better overall efficiency (reduced ramp-up period for new sorting strategies), through automated updates of sorting structures and consistency of all sort plans and address directories
  • Avoiding miss-sorts that can especially occur after changed sorting strategies