Digital SolutionsLast Mile Optimization System

Dynamic delivery zones based on actual delivery volumes over delivery points ensure an optimized and efficient use of last-mile resources

Last Mile Optimization technology helps if delivery volumes differ from load assumptions

Today last-mile resources are mostly planned according to historical load information. Resource inefficiencies and potential delivery-quality problems occur if delivery volumes differ from load assumptions. The Last Mile Optimization (LMO) system from Siemens helps to overcome this situation by providing features to optimize daily delivery zones.

The Siemens Last Mile Optimization software is designed to support the daily generation of optimized delivery zones.

  • Possibility of different optimization targets according to needs
  • Consideration of different areas of responsibility, for example with areas assigned to different delivery organizations
  • Selection of the best-fit optimization results via a GIS-based user interface and defined KPIs
  • Assignment of delivery staff to defined delivery zones
  • Automatic generation of sorting instructions

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimized utilization of delivery staff according to fluctuating item volumes
  • Avoidance of manual item balancing between deliverers
  • Fewer unnecessary transits for reduced fuel and maintenance costs
  • Full delivery coverage with fewer vehicles