Adapt your logistics network utilization efficiently

The continuing boom in e-commerce is creating growing parcel flows worldwide, which puts distribution networks under intense pressure. Delayed or mishandled items is a major concern for parcel and mail service providers, who have to comply with strict service level agreements. It is crucial to efficiently adapt network utilization according to strongly fluctuating item volumes and available sortation and transport capacities in each connected node. This is difficult to achieve when communication and information between sorting centers is limited.

In-depth data analytics and visualization to optimize network performance

Siemens Logistics’ Network Booster software creates transparency in processes across a parcel and mail distribution network. It provides data-driven, real-time analytics and visualization of network performance by

  • observing parcel and mail duration times in each connected logistics center
  • identifying items looping between hubs and providing information for interception processes, and,
  • monitoring the throughput performance of each connected sorting center.

Network Booster makes it possible to quickly identify operational irregularities in any sorting center, localize bottlenecks, and respond rapidly to reduce negative impacts on overall network performance.




  • High-end analytics and visualization of performance data by means of digital twins and improvement of the overall network performance
  • Full monitoring and recording of network parcel flows and network data 24/7
  • In-depth analysis of KPIs for each parcel hub
  • Reduction by at least 80 % of unnecessary sorting and transport costs caused by recirculations
  • Increased compliance with service level agreements for reduced noncompliance costs