Digital SolutionsParcel Operation System

Operational efficiency and transparency for seamless parcel processing

A growing number of parcels in all shapes and sizes as well as varying volumes on a daily basis are adding more and more complexity to sorting processes. The integration of various equipment from different vendors, each with their own sorting software, requires a high degree of engineering expertise and incurs significant costs. Moreover, adjusting the various sorting logics within a network is time-consuming and brings with it increased operational maintenance expenditures.

Benefits at a glance

  • Increased operational efficiency and flexibility due to easily configuring the sorting logic to daily needs
  • Network-wide consistent parcel processing on the basis of central sorting configuration with complete transparency on sorting rules
  • Optimized shortened turnaround times and increased hub throughput
  • Lower total cost of ownership and reduced operating expenditures
  • Transparency of hub and entire network operations for analyzing and finally optimizing operational processes
  • Reports and interfaces for data analytics for end-to-end process optimization, for example with the Siemens Planning, Prediction & Control software

High-level control software for flexibility and consistency

The Siemens software solution, Parcel Operation System (POS), is the key to unlocking full operational efficiency and processing transparency. It provides a high-level control layer for sorting and distribution centers. The standardized control software guarantees great flexibility and consistency in sorting logics across a hub and even an entire hub network. POS enables the integration of equipment and machinery from different vendors and hence provides a uniform sorting logic within a network. Additionally, it offers central administration of all data and allows flexible definition of sorting logics, even on the fly and during ongoing operations.

While Siemens initially sets up the software according to the operational requirements, the customer can easily adapt business rules using the graphical user interface. A generic software interface ensures that changes in sorting equipment can be implemented without touching the sorting logic, which supports the continuity of parcel handling processes.

POS scales to the demands of the customer’s operations and is capable of handling multiple hubs and user roles. Furthermore, Siemens offers extensive service concepts, such as end-user helpdesks.