Digital SolutionsPlanning, Prediction & Control System

Transforming data into decisions based on end-to-end planning support

Optimized utilization and load-demand-driven planning processes are the key to realizing cost reductions at the hub or sorting-center level. Immediate feedback on how the local process chain is performing enables hub managers to react to situational changes effectively.

Model the real process world in your hub or sorting center

The Planning, Prediction & Control (PPC) system is designed to support work-order-based shop-floor planning, control and monitoring using a digital twin that models the real process world in your hub or sorting center.

Benefits at a glance

  • Enhanced end-to-end situational awareness based on the latest transport and volume load information
  • Provision of forecasts for potential bottlenecks and cut-off-time violations
  • Automatic plan generation support for relieving planners of recurrent time-consuming tasks
  • Resource cost reductions leveraged by the ability to realize shorter planning cycles and produce accurate plans
  • Automatic, rule-based generation of optimized production schedules according to defined transport processes and item loads
  • Simulation of process schedules according to a generated plan for bottleneck and performance analysis