Reliable and cost-effective flow splitting with VarioRoute

Whenever parcel streams need to be split, whether to sort out rejects or redirect certain parcels, VarioRoute is the solution of choice. Its unique architecture of independently pivoting roller lines and individually driven rollers arranged in rows allows very flexible manipulation of transported parcels.

VarioRoute is available in two product variants:

  • VarioRoute 800, a three-way diverter conveyor solution, represents the most common product for daily use in parcel sortation.
  • VarioRoute 1600 provides a two-way split of the singulated parcel stream, for example into two streams for induction. It is typically used for flow splitting after the Visicon singulator.


  • Modular design adaptable to multiple applications
  • Highly reliable, automated, purely electric solution with no need for compressed air
  • Easy and cost-effective maintenance thanks to a service-friendly design
  • Sustainable due to very low power consumption
  • Individual speed control for each motor


Different types of highly reliable parcel sorter inductions deliver industry-leading performance in parcel logistics.

High-speed Induction

Our fully automatic induction for high-speed feeding can handle an operational throughput of up to 6,000 parcels per hour. It gently inducts small and regular-sized parcels, and it can be flexibly adapted to different throughput needs. The design supports high operational availability, easy maintenance and low life-cycle costs.

Semi-automatic Induction

When individual items are placed on the infeed conveyor, the automatic measuring system uses a light grid to detect their exact position and size. The parcels are then sped up and inducted precisely onto sorter carrier.