Parcel Logistics Siemens launches new space-saving variant of the Visicon singulator

  • Visicon Compact for reliable package singulation in the smallest of spaces
  • Fully automated singulation technology with AI-based vision system
  • Worldwide unique product for a broad parcel spectrum

Siemens Logistics has developed the Visicon Compact, yet another addition to its product portfolio for parcel sorting centers. The new variant of the proven Visicon singulation technology boasts a very small footprint of less than seven square meters. The intelligent solution can be integrated quickly and flexibly into the layout of both new and existing systems. Visicon Compact singulates up to 7,000 consignments per hour, preparing consignments arriving mostly in bulk at sorting centers for the sorting process. Having been installed and commissioned successfully in China, the innovative technology is now being rolled out onto the European market.

“With Visicon Compact, we’ve expanded our portfolio with an important and globally unique product that slots seamlessly into our growing range of products and solutions for parcel customers,” says Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. “Because it takes up so little space, it's aimed specifically at small sorting centers and provides our customers with even greater flexibility.”

Working fully automatically, Visicon Compact generates a continuous stream of singulated packages arranged one after the other with defined spacing. This prepares them for downstream processing steps such as scanning, weighing and sorting. Parcels in different sizes, shapes and packaging materials – including boxes, bags and envelopes – are processed rapidly and reliably by the singulator.

A key element of Visicon Compact is a sophisticated vision system developed by Siemens; based on artificial intelligence (AI), it accurately detects the shape, size and position of each consignment. This information is transmitted in real time to a control system, which determines parameters such as spacing and alignment, and adapts the speed of each individual belt accordingly.

The high-performance Visicon Compact lays the foundation for maximizing the throughput of the entire system: by processing large volumes of parcels in various shapes smoothly and automatically right at the start of the sorting process, it ensures the optimum utilization of downstream modules in parcel centers.

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