Service Siemens Mobile-PRO doubles the life of existing telescoping conveyors at half the cost of new ones

  • Comprehensive, safe and fast option to refurbish or repair existing telescoping conveyors at customer locations
  • Cost-efficient solution for longer life-cycle
  • Work is completed at the customer’s site in Siemens’ specially designed and patented trailers
  • Over 2,000 telescoping conveyors in the United States refurbished and repaired for the leading parcel delivery companies

Mobile-PRO by Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL) is a patented, self-contained mobile workshop, housed in a 53 foot (16 meters) trailer. Mobile-PRO is moved from dock to dock to refurbish, retrofit or repair telescoping conveyors. Equipment serviced by Mobile-PRO receives a new warranty backed by Siemens, including 24-7 technical support. Customers recognize remarkable value in functional restoration rather than replacement of this critical equipment. This transformation can be done by Siemens’ specially trained teams in as little as 24 hours, with the dock returned to normal operations.

Traditional repair or refurbishment work on existing telescoping conveyors is difficult to complete without affecting adjacent docks, which tends to interfere with daily operations of the whole parcel sorting center. These repairs can even be dangerous, because they require lifting very heavy loads and welding. All of this is in a day’s work for Mobile-PRO.

Siemens can functionally restore telescoping conveyors for less than half of the cost to buy and install new equipment. When it comes to a retrofit, such as adding a boom to improve productivity, cost savings are even higher.

Since launching in the United States, Mobile-PRO and Siemens have repaired or refurbished over 2,000 telescoping conveyors built by Siemens and other manufacturers. Gert Seidel, CEO of SPPAL in the USA, says: “Our customers value that our Mobile-PRO teams refurbish our customer’s equipment on time and on budget without affecting operations in parcel and distribution logistics.”

SPPAL has its own U.S. national company, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. With this local presence, SPPAL can ensure optimum customer service and competent local handling of projects. The U.S. team is part of SPPAL’s worldwide network of regional companies and offices and provides customer service and project management.

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