Parcel Logistics Siemens VarioRoute now as modular solution: Maximum flexibility for parcel sorting centers

  • Powerful and efficient flow splitting for a wide range of parcel formats, including e-commerce consignments
  • Innovative enhancement with a modular system for a particularly flexible configuration
  • Easy to expand due to unique plug & play system design

Siemens Logistics is bringing to the market a new variant of its tried-and-tested VarioRoute for flow splitting in parcel sorting centers. Thanks to this enhancement, splitting parcel flows, filtering out rejected parcels or rerouting consignments can be tailored to specific customer requirements. As a modular system, the fully automated VarioRoute can not only be adjusted for different plant layouts in the sorting centers. It can also be flexibly adapted to the range of parcels to be processed. This includes an optimized configuration for fast and reliable processing of typical e-commerce parcels, which also cover a wide variety of small, lightweight consignments.

"In addition to the modular design, what distinguishes our enhanced VarioRoute is its plug & play system design," says Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. "With this highly modern system, the flow splitter can be expanded with additional modules without major outlay, making it easy to adapt to the changing requirements in the sorting centers."

The robust VarioRoute allows the best possible use of spaces in logistics centers thanks to its independent modules which can be put together in various different ways. Its unique architecture is made up of roller units, independent of each other, pivotable by +/- 45 degrees and each equipped with its own integrated electric motor. This is a purely electrical solution without pneumatics. Up to 12,000 packages and parcels per hour are split or diverted by the powerful system. Consignments weighing from 0.1 to 50 kilos can be processed reliably depending on the configuration. Maintenance and servicing are simple due to the service-friendly design; repair times are less than 30 minutes.

Further information can be found here.

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