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A game changer for parcel sorting

In parcel sorting centers, data is generated by a large range of equipment. However, until now there was no easy way to bring all that information together – to support decision making and to make hub operations more efficient. Parcel Data Hub changes that.

The large amount of data generated in parcel hubs holds huge potential for achieving operational excellence. A smooth flow of shipments and high asset utilization can only be achieved if bottlenecks, disruptions and imbalances are counteracted immediately or avoided altogether. Data collected from different sorting equipment in the process chain is the key.

Yet most sorting centers include assets from different suppliers and several IT systems – and very often these systems do not “speak” the same data language. Precious information might be isolated and remains inaccessible for analytics applications. The resulting data silos and a lack of real-time information prevent parcel hub operations from being more efficient.

The main challenge lies in consolidating and normalizing the large datasets from the many different sources so that the information can be combined and insights extracted. This is where our Parcel Data Hub comes in. The platform centralizes, indices and homogenizes the data – all in real time. Not only information from Siemens’ systems but from other hardware manufacturers and IT suppliers can be processed. The result is a Single Point of Truth with consolidated and normalized data on both operations and parcels. Data silos were yesterday.


Better decisions with data

The real-time data is an ideal basis for effective operational decision-making. In addition, as extensive data volumes are collected over time, Parcel Data Hub is the basis for machine learning. Furthermore, by providing standardized semantic data models in an open environment, our customers can connect any kind of analytical function from any source – all with the highest data security standards.

One example is Hub Booster. Our software solution helps parcel hubs maximize their asset utilization by predicting potential operational issues. Hub operators can view the entire process chain in a cockpit and get recommendations for making decisions. For example, Hub Booster reports which chutes need to be unloaded next to avoid overruns and parcel recirculations on sorters.

Improved performance

Another example is Network Booster. Thanks to the normalized data provided by Parcel Data Hub, the software application enhances item flows across several hubs. It enables improved overall network performance by quickly identifying operational irregularities. Unnecessary sorting and transport costs caused by items, that – due to error – go back and forth between sorting centers, are reduced by up to 80%. In addition, information on travel times and volumes processed can be easily called up in dashboards, where users also get performance information for defined periods – for the entire network. Hence, network managers can accurately track trends, such as identify higher volumes on certain days of the week, and can adjust resource plans accordingly.

Parcel Data Hub puts an end to isolated information and makes real-time data accessible for analytics applications. That brings new levels of efficiency in parcel hubs and networks. Plus, the data landscape established with the platform makes it easier to introduce new software services and maintain modern IT standards. Best of all, thanks to its microservice architecture, Parcel Data Hub is implemented quickly and easily.


Feel free to contact us! We will be happy to show you how Parcel Data Hub will make effective use of the large amounts of information available in your  parcel sorting facilities – for operational excellence!

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