Intelligent solutions for fast and reliable reading and coding

One of our core competences is the extraction and interpretation of all relevant sorting and routing information for mail and parcels, including weight and dimensions. Different laser scanners, line-scanning cameras, scales and dimensioning systems provide a fully integrated, service-based solution.

We offer custom-built as well as standard, off-the-shelf solutions for image processing. Different camera systems are available to capture from one to six sides of an item.

ARTread – High-performance Reading

Our automatic address reading ARTread sets benchmarks in terms of speed, flexibility and accuracy. Even for items without routing information or an ID barcode, or when the corresponding information is not available, it is possible to determine the routing or the delivery point information. Mail and parcel reading technology from Siemens can decipher machine as well as hand-written addresses in various alphabets. It also recognizes non-address attributes such as stamps, stickers and labels, as well as markings for dangerous goods and handling instructions.

ARTid – Fingerprint/Parcel ID

Our fingerprint technology makes use of the fact that no two mail pieces or parcels look exactly alike. Optical characteristics such as surfaces, stamps and logos are recorded, along with the mail piece’s size, volume and weight. The image-based identification technology thus recognizes a mail piece or parcel throughout the entire process chain. The image can be used for in-hub and cross-border tracking, as well as for third-party parcel tracking.

Video Coding: Fully flexible and non-hierarchical manual encoding

Scanned images that cannot be interpreted by the automatic reading function are manually coded by video-coding operators. Video coding can be performed online when the parcel or letter is processed in the sorting machine, or offline when, for example, the item is being transported to the subsequent sorting center.

Automatic Learning System: Continuous improvement of address recognition

Reading performance is highly dependent on the quality of the underlying address directory. We therefore recommend the use of our learning system to continuously update address directories. This system “learns” typical spelling errors and updated addresses – and it also identifies new elements frequently occurring on parcels or mail.

Label Learning – mastering the increasing diversity of address labels

Innovative Label Learning from Siemens enables customers to easily add new reading tasks and train the reading system to recognize new label layouts. It can resolve corrupted or non-readable barcodes and extract additional parcel information, or resolve conflicting identifier barcodes on reused parcel packaging. It is even possible to process international and third-party parcel or mail labels.


  • One solution to extract all process-relevant information
  • Recognition of addresses in all typical fonts, including hard-to-read handwriting
  • Benchmark in speed, flexibility and reading performance
  • Easy-to-use training systems for stamps, labels and symbols

Intelligent Data Entry Workplace (IDEW) – increasing speed and efficiency

The Intelligent Data Entry Workplace (IDEW) is a flexible, compact address-reading and manual-encoding station for parcels and mail. The solution incorporates various types of image-capturing devices, like a top camera or a handheld scanner combined with label printer. Optionally, a scale can be integrated to semi-automatically obtain the relevant parcel data.