The cross-belt sorter platform VarioSort EXB processes a large range of parcel sizes

VarioSort EXB, an electrical cross-belt sorter platform that is sturdy, straightforward and highly efficient. It provides all essential features necessary to precisely fulfill rising sorting requirements. The VarioSort EXB is based on over two decades of in-depth application and engineering experience. It is field proven for the sortation of very light items (down to 0.1 kg), a growing segment in e-commerce. VarioSort has a throughput up to 13,000 pieces per hour.

VarioSort EXB Single for large parcels

VarioSort EXB Single provides the highest accuracy in item handling due to the active control of the item position on the cell and its discharge trajectory. The result is a higher level of sorting accuracy. Additionally, it provides the widest range of item handling.

VarioSort EXB Twin for small parcels and rest mail

VarioSort EXB Twin is ideal for sorting smaller parcels. Instead of one cross belt, the VarioSort EXB Twin has two cross belts on one carrier, which results in optimum utilization of valuable space in automated parcel sorting centers.


  • Extremely flexible configuration in regard to length, carrier, outlets, transport speed and identification
  • Very high sorting accuracy thanks to automatic parcel repositioning and an item-specific discharge pattern
  • Very high efficiency due to a precise induction process
  • High flexibility of sorter usage including a lower transport speed for fragile goods
  • Double carrier functionality for a wider parcel spectrum