Powerful singulating technology with the smallest footprint possible

Our Singulator Visicon can singulate up to 9,000 items per hour in a continuous flow without recirculation. That means that very little space is needed for the solution. Visicon tracks and controls the conveying speed and orientation of each individual parcel fully automatically.  

Two preconfigured systems Visicon are available:

Visicon Polaris for larger and heavier parcels

Visicon Polaris turns a delayered parcel bulk flow into a singulated gapped flow, and gets it ready for the next processing steps of dimensioning, weighing, scanning and induction. Visicon Polaris includes all of the functions needed, such as a center merge, parcel aligner, side-by-side eliminator and five-belt gapper.

Visicon Capella for smaller and lighter parcels

With the strong growth of e-commerce sales, parcel shippers have to deal with an increasing number of small parcels, bags and envelopes. Visicon Capella provides the perfect solution for high throughput singulating of a bulk stream of small items. It employs a sophisticated delayering module that ensures that items are not lying on top of one another during singulation.

Custom designs based on the Visicon can also be optimized for individual customers and sites, with Visicon serving either one or two output streams.


  • Reliable, smooth and efficient parcel singulation in a small space
  • Versatile configuration with a single or dual take-away
  • Software-based control for flexible specification of key singulation parameters such as gap size and discharge mode
  • Quick and easy installation with preassembled components
  • Easy maintenance