Planning, prediction and control of end-to-end transfer processes

How can an airport reduce the minimum connecting time? And how can it help airlines to reduce the number of left-behind bags?

Optimize the performance of baggage transfer hubs

Continuously shifting volumes and unknown travel times in the baggage handling system make it hard for baggage operators to prioritize and achieve balanced system utilization. With the Siemens Transfer Booster, operations planners and managers control end-to-end baggage handling progress and optimize the overall performance of their baggage transfer hub.

Product information

  • Optimized resource utilization and planning with the module for departure baggage make-up
  • Lower left-behind index thanks to the prediction of baggage transfer deadlines with the baggage transfer booster module
  • Enhanced peak performance with the early baggage store module
  • Optimized baggage minimum connecting times with the integration of all modules in a baggage handling system’s digital twin


  • Reduced time and effort to produce an optimal operation plan for baggage handling
  • Balanced utilization of existing baggage handling equipment to leverage unused reserves to maximize system throughput
  • Lower transfer times for critical connections to achieve better minimum connection times and reduce the left-behind index
  • By optimizing the speed, the experience of passengers will raise as well