Identification solutions for optimized tracking performance

Bag tags with barcodes contain individual information and enable smooth processes. However, frequent loading and unloading can subject bag tags to a great deal of wear and tear, causing them to be torn or twisted. Once a bag tag can no longer be read, the baggage item has to be diverted to a manual coding station. This is time-consuming and cost-intensive. Manual coding often causes delays and increases the likelihood of a bag missing a flight.

Reduce Workload and raise recognition rates

We offer a camera-based solution to solve the problem: The Siemens Baggage Vision Technology combines barcode reading with optical character recognition (OCR). Cameras take a series of images whenever a bag passes a Baggage Vision System gate. With these images the barcode and the printed bag number on the tag as well as the destination, flight and day of the flight are identified. So even if the airport is not operating with a Baggage Source Message (BSM), no manual interference is required. This results in better recognition rates and a considerably reduced workload at manual coding stations. Any baggage handling system can be enhanced with the stand-alone, easy-to-install Baggage Vision System.

Product information

  • Reads barcode, flight number, destination airport and date at the same time
  • Individual adjustment of camera racks possible
  • High availability due to redundant camera system
  • Less than 15 minutes needed for computer, controller and camera exchanges
  • Designed for bag tags according to IATA resolution 740


  • Reduced number of time-critical transfer bags
  • Processing of 50% of bags fully automatically even without Baggage Source Message
  • 50% less manual encoding efforts compared to laser-based readers