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As a successful provider of reliable hardware and smart, cloud-based software solutions for airports worldwide, Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics draws on its decades of experience in logistics to further improve crucial airport processes.

At this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO, we will showcase our integrated hardware, service and digital portfolio.

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Predictive Maintenance 4.0

With our Service 4.0 program, we get your systems into shape for the digital age. Benefit from predictive maintenance to boost availability, cost-effectiveness and reliability. During diagnostics, component data provides indications about potential faults that can be detected at an early stage through intelligent and precise analytics using Siemens' powerful platform architecture. Our solutions offer data-based decision-making support and action recommendations for your systems.
Talk to us: we will take a look at your systems and find the best possible option to implement predictive maintenance.

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VarioStore, a highly efficient early bag store (EBS) from Siemens, adds considerable value particularly at international hubs. How? By allowing passengers to check in baggage the day before a flight or several hours in advance. The solution is based on a high-bay warehouse that operates according to the Lift & Run principal: vertical movements are executed by lifts, and horizontal movements by shuttles. These movements take place simultaneously but independently of one another. As a result, throughput and redundancy can be significantly increased.

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VarioTray Portfolio

Further enhanced VarioTray portfolio with innovative solutions for predictive maintenance

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Digital Airport

Enhance transparency, efficiency and flexibility with easy to build analytics and IoT applications