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As a leading provider of innovative and high-performance products and solutions for mail and parcel automation, Siemens Logistics is a trusted partner at your side to meet the challenges of worldwide growing parcel numbers.

Come and visit us at this year’s Parcel+Post Expo. We will showcase our portfolio with interesting highlights.

Wednesday, October 2, 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM, room 4Siemens Logistics Workshop: The Future of Parcel Processing

Don’t miss our interactive workshop!

Together with international specialists and decision makers from the mail and parcel business, Siemens Logistics’ experts will discuss innovative solutions for an improved end-to-end parcel flow. Existing and new automation equipment is on the agenda as well as potential disruptive approaches, complemented by the wide range of digitalization solutions. The interactive workshop will provide plenty of opportunities for all participants to contribute with their views and to benefit from the jointly developed results.

HighlightsDiscover our solutions for parcel logistics

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Parcel Processing

We offer a broad portfolio of smart machines to process all parcel sizes - from small items to large parcels and packages. Our technologies are enablers to optimize performance values and to reduce the number of process steps.

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Digital Parcel Network

Enhance transparency, efficiency and flexibility with easy to build analytics and IoT applications.
We will show you methods to boost hub and network performance.

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Service 4.0

With our Service 4.0 program, we get your systems into shape for the digital age. Benefit from predictive maintenance to boost availability, cost-effectiveness and reliability. During diagnostics, component data provides indications about potential faults that can be detected at an early stage through intelligent and precise analytics using Siemens' powerful platform architecture. Our solutions offer data-based decision-making support and action recommendations for your systems.

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Misplaced Item Clearer (MIC)


Small, light, odd-sized and poorly packaged consignments are difficult to process automatically: They can shift, roll or tilt during induction or do not reach the assigned cross belt properly. This can lead to two adjoining cross belts being occupied until the parcel is cleared from the sorter. Typically, these items have to be manually removed between shifts. Misplaced items cause throughput losses, shipment delays and productivity losses.

Siemens’ MIC reliably detects these items and blows them from the sorter into a collecting container. Cross-belt sorters of any manufacturer can easily be retrofitted with MIC.