Flexibility is a must

Each airport has a unique architecture and setup, and as such, the baggage handling system has to adjust to site-specific conditions. Belt conveyor technology is the most common technology for baggage transport in airports. Flexibility is a must, as is the ability to transport baggage of all sizes. Conveyors typically have heavy transport loads to tackle, so they need to be capable of high throughput performance.


VarioBelt is the appropriate solution

Finally, airport operators want the highest availability possible with the lowest costs during the entire lifecycle. Siemens has developed VarioBelt, a belt conveyor platform that provides the right solution for every need.

SmartMotion, a conventional belt conveyor, is the most common product for day-to-day airport needs.

PeakMotion, a heavy-load belt conveyor, fits the bill for applications with high loads, such as oversized baggage or bulk loaded conveyors.

Standardized interfaces for a wide range of components ensure smooth operation and material flow. A variety of add-ons and accessories are also available.



  • Optimized connections between the conveyors so that even small items can be handled safely
  • High reliability as a result of a robust design as well as high quality flange bearings and rollers
  • Reduced costs for spare parts, since the entire conveyor requires only seven of them
  • Pinch-point-free connection sets to other equipment help prevent bag jams, thereby providing smooth operation and the highest availability
  • Maintenance-friendly design with short repair times of under 30 minutes. Quick-removal covers allow fast and excellent access for maintenance