Spotlight on our capabilities

Our customers benefit from a complete range of services, from planning, design, installation and commissioning to training, maintenance, upgrades and modernization throughout a solution’s life cycle.

Airport Projects

Our customers include many top passenger airports worldwide, serving more than a quarter of all global passengers. With the capability to support all airport end-to-end operational and functional processes, we offer a comprehensive portfolio for airlines and airports to deal with the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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South Korea, Incheon International Airport
Terminal 2

  • Baggage handling system in the Terminal 2 consisting of tray technology and conveyor belts with smart software applications to control the system; Conveyor system designed for a maximum speed of 7 m/s; handling capacity of almost 20,000 bags per hour
  • Early bag store (EBS) with two high-bay warehouses for 2,000 bags
  • 182 modern check-ins and 36 self-bag-drop check-in counters
  • Tray system for baggage transport via a 750 m long tunnel between Terminal 1 and Satellite Terminal A
  • Transportation of both out-of-gauge (OOG) baggage and normal baggage on the same tray conveyor line
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UAE, Dubai International Airport
Terminal 3

  • More than 120 km of tray-based conveyor lines designed for a maximum speed of 7.5 m per second and 15,000 bags per hour
  • Continuous expansion and modernization of the baggage handling system, including a fast, economical and environmentally friendly Early Bag Store (EBS) based on a Lift & Run high-bay warehouse approach
  • Long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) contract
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China, Guangzhou International Airport
Terminal 2

  • Baggage handling system consisting of tray technology and conveyor belts with intelligent software applications to control the system
  • 340 state-of-the-art check-ins, 52 self-check-in and bag-drop counters, 42 carousels in the make-up area and 21 reclaim carousels for passengers
  • Early bag store VarioStore comprising two high-bay warehouses for 4,000 bags and with retrieval using the Lift & Run system
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China, Beijing Capital International Airport
Terminal 3

  • 330 check-in counters linked to 68 km-long conveyor systems, including 34 km of trays; with the baggage handling system Beijing Capital International Airport gained the status of an international air hub
  • A high-speed tray system connecting Terminal 3C with Terminal 3E via a 2.2 km-long tunnel, transporting baggage at speed of 10 m per second
  • Baggage handling system control by Siemens’ own complex control and software solution
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France, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport– Terminal 2
Modules E and F - Satellites 3 and 4

  • Implementation of a baggage handling system using belt, tray and sorter technology; the Siemens tray system alone measures 28 km in length
  • Current processing capacity of up to 64,000 bags per day
  • Early bag store (EBS) comprising a high-bay warehouse for almost 1,800 bags
  • Transport of baggage between Modules E and F via a 400 m long tunnel; the trays reach peak speeds of 5 m/s
  • Extensive maintenance contract, also covering equipment from third parties


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USA, Los Angeles International Airport
Tom Bradley International Terminal

  • Layout, engineering, assembly, commissioning and integration of a new outbound baggage screening system and a new inbound baggage handling system
  • Extension and conversion work performed during ongoing operations
  • More than 1,400 m of conveyor belts, over 300 energy-efficient drives,
  • 5 vertical sortation units and 6 high-speed diverters
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United Kingdom, London Heathrow
Terminal 2

  • Delivery and implementation of a new state-of-the-art, intelligent baggage handling system capable of processing up to 4,800 bags every hour
  • 116 new check-in desks, more than 1,500 single belt conveyor drives and lifting devices, automatic tag reader scanners, over 5 km of conveyors
  • Smallest footprint of any operation of its kind all under one roof
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Angola, Soyo, Dundo, Saurimo and Luena
CapacityPlus® Turnkey Terminals

  • Four permanent modern airport terminals in a very short period of time installed
  • Modular and scalable setup to increase the capacity of regional airports
  • All necessary infrastructure systems and processes are installed, e.g. power plant system, baggage handling system etc.
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Spain, Madrid-Barajas Airport
Terminal 4, main building and satellite

  • A combined belt and tray conveyor system for up to 16,500 pieces of baggage per hour
  • Baggage speed of 10 m per second between the main building and the satellite via a 2 km-long tunnel
  • Long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) contract

Cargo Projects

With our combined offering of automation and digitalization solutions, we are in a perfect position to support the air cargo industry in its quest for modernization.

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UAE, Dubai International Airport
dnata Cargo

  • Digital handling of all landside processes with the cloud-based software platform AX4
  • Automation inside the terminal upgraded with CargoCompact software
  • End-to-end digitalization of processes tailored more closely to customer requirements
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UAE, Al Maktoum International Airport
Dubai World Central

  • Multilevel storage area with capacity for more than 800 ULDs
  • Cold and freezer rooms for processing and storage of perishable cargo
  • CargoCompact software ensures maximal operational performance
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UAE, Dubai International Airport
Emirates Cargo Mega Terminal

  • Wireless automation to primarily process transshipment cargo
  • Construction with a series of modules; fully operational in 2008
  • Enhancement of cargo processing capacities to increase capacity
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Hong Kong International Airport
Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal

  • Storage and conveying systems as well as electrical equipment for the new terminal
  • Fastest possible throughput times for cargo and shortest possible waiting times for planes and trucks
  • Tailored solution for a high volume of transit and export cargo
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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal Ltd.

  • Planning, design and delivery of equipment from Siemens in the framework of an extension
  • Efficient, smooth and timely air cargo handling thanks to highly automated system with CargoCompact software
  • The latest standard operating procedures for ground air-cargo handling services in import, export, consolidation and transshipment

Parcel Logistics

For all steps in the parcel sorting process, we have a solution backed by 40 years of technological developments. Top CEP providers worldwide trust in our technology and sort up to 190,000 parcels per hour in a hub.

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Switzerland, Basel
DHL Express Parcel center

  • VarioSort cross-belt sorter for the new Express Gateway at the EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg – together with other services involved in the delivery, setup, commissioning and running
  • Implementation of the ultramodern sorting system in an existing facility
  • Sorter transport speed of 2.5 m per second and a peak performance of up to 9,000 parcels per hour
  • The VarioSort cross-belt sorter consists of 229 carriers, measures a total of 183 meters in length and five high-speed inductions
  • Around 1,200 meters VarioBelt conveyor system and  integration of three X-ray machines for scanning parcels for airport security
  • Ten spiral chutes, nine storage chutes and six ULD chutes ensure that items are forwarded and discharged smoothly
  • Scalable system and high-performance software to support future business growth
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South Korea
Hanjin Group

  • Both a VarioSort Single and VarioSort Twin were installed
  • The VarioSort Single with eight high-speed inductions has a length of more than 400 m and sorts parcels with a weight of up to 40 kg
  • Comprising a length of more than 190 m the VarioSort Twin sorts smaller items weighing up to 15 kg
  • Parcels are fed into the VarioSort Twin via eight semi-automatic inductions
  • A sorting speed of 2.0 m per secons makes sure that the items are quickly sorted to the system’s 304 discharges
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Portugal, Lisbon
VarioSort Twin for CTT

  • Design, supply, installation, commissioning as well as training and after-sales support
  • Sorting capacity of more than 6,000 parcels
  • Sorting speed of 1.6 m per second for sorting of lightweight items or 2 m per second for all others
  • Future-proof system with the possibility to upgrade passive carriers (initially 50 active and 50 passive carriers)
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SingPost e-commerce hub

  • VarioSort installation of around 500 m in length with more than 650 sorter elements
  • Parcels are sorted into some 300 parcel accumulation chutes, each with the capacity to handle 200 parcels
  • Capability to sort up to 100,000 parcels per day, or 10,000 parcels per hour
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Germany, Augsburg
Hermes Group

  • Quick, reliable and efficient sorting of all parcels sizes with VarioSort
  • Scalable system and intelligent software to support future business growth
  • Sorter transport speed of 2.5 m per second and a peak performance of up to 15,000 parcels per hour
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China, Chaoshan and Hangzhou
SF Express

  • VarioSort Twin installed in Chaoshan
  • Turnkey solution in Hangzhou includes design, manufacturing, installation, testing, commissioning, and integration of all supplied systems and components
  • Higher efficiency for express air parcels and lower operational costs
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Germany, Cologne
Basis and Expansion UPS Hub

  • Eight additional VarioSort increase the sorting capacity from 110,000 to 190,000 parcels per hour
  • General contractor and system integrator from overall planning to delivery, installation and commissioning
  • Enlargement of the sorting system to a total of 7.5 km without disrupting ongoing operations
  • Conveyor system covers a distance of around 40 km
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China, Nanjing
China Post Nanjing airfreight center

  • Major express and logistics center in Asia
  • Twelve VarioSort loops installed in two levels, measuring 4.8 km
  • System sorting capacity of some 96,000 parcels per hour
  • Prepared for a second phase to increase capacity to up to 144,000 parcels per hour

Mail Sorting

Our proven portfolio of mail sorting systems offers you reliable performance with high throughput and availability across the entire mail processing chain. More than 176 billion letters annually are handled by our technology, this is more than every second letter.

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Flats Sorting Systems for Australia Post

  • Commissioning six Open Mail Handling Systems (OMS) at four major mail sorting centers for Australia Post to significantly improve the efficiency and provide the best platform for meeting the future needs of their business
  • Six of Siemens’ OMS were installed in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth where they will be used to efficiently sort flats, plastic-wrapped magazines and small packages
  • The sixth OMS is fitted with two input lines and 148 outlets
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Schweizerische Post AG – Mail Center Zürich-Mülligen, Härkingen and Eclépens

  • Delivery and installation of
  • Adaptation of conveyor lines to IRV 3000 for easily handling of trays
  • Scanning full mail item and reading complete address including country, postcode, city, street, house number and name and automatic forwarding of mail pieces with printing of new address
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Letter and Flats Sorting Systems for Deutsche Post AG

  • New generation letter and flats sorting systems
  • Roll out of 288 Integrated Reading and Video Coding Systems for standard and compact letters (IRV 3000) with 2-Level Sorter with 128 stackers
  • Roll out of 85 Open Mail Handling Systems (OMS) with two Feeder / 148 outlets and four Feeder / 284 outlets
  • Inclusive mail piece identification with fingerprint technology

Customer Services Projects

Around 40 airports worldwide cooperate successfully with us on the basis of long-term contracts. The airports benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of modular and customizable technical services. The dedicated and experienced local teams on site are highly familiar with the installed technology and secure immediate resources for all service aspects. They place great importance on preventive maintenance to avoid system downtime and service interruptions.

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Spain, Madrid-Barajas Airport
Integral O&M

  • Performance-based integral O&M contract at terminals 1-4
  • Including baggage handling system of more than 100 km of tray/belt system
  • Extremely short service mobilization period and seamless transition from installation into operation
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UAE, Dubai International Airport
Integral O&M

  • Integral O&M contract at terminal 1 (concourse 1, since 2004), terminal 2 (since 2012) and terminal 3 (concourse 2, since 2008)
  • High level of system availability and performance
  • No single major disturbance since start of operation in 2008 (T3)
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Hong Kong International Airport
Integral O&M services

  • Turnkey cargo handling system
  • Automated storage and conveying system for the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal, one of the largest cargo mega terminals worldwide
  • Designed to handle 2.6 million metric tons of cargo per year