Success with a strong partner at your side.

Siemens Logistics is a world-leading services provider for airport, parcel and mail logistics systems. Our extensive track record of successful service projects includes baggage and cargo systems at major airport hubs and big sorting centers for parcel and mail around the world.

Our globally established service network uses innovative technologies to enable you to get the best possible performance out of your installations over their entire lifecycle.


Continuous lifecycle support with our modular and customizable services

As your service partner, we fulfill your demands and requirements with our modular and customer-specific service portfolio. By tailoring our service contracts to your individual needs, we ensure that your installations can be operated reliably. Aside from traditional preventive maintenance, we also offer condition-based maintenance. The ultimate goal is to help you optimize your operations and service processes, enhance their efficiency and transparency, and make them easier to plan.



  • Service 4.0: boosting availability, cost-effectiveness and reliability through predictive maintenance
  • Lifecycle partnership: reliability and performance over the entire system lifecycle
  • Product support: central hotline centers, emergency service, training programs
  • Spare parts logistics: deliver and repair services, obsolescence management, central warehousing
  • Modernization: refurbishments, PLC and IT retrofits, system expansions/performance increases
  • Full service: reliable and experienced on-site teams for maintenance as well as operations

DirectSPARE orders

Use our web-based order system 24/7 to check on spare part availability, get pricing information and place orders.

Our service portfolio

Our aim is to be the technology and lifecycle partner for logistics operators. In this context, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of modular and customizable technical services for our own logistics systems as well as for those from third parties.

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With our Service 4.0 program, we get your systems into shape for the digital age. Benefit from predictive maintenance to boost availability, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

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Full Service

Our full service portfolio includes the typical elements, such as maintenance, operations, a 24/7 hotline and spare parts. In addition, we offer continuous improvement in a long-term partnership with our customer.

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Product Support Services

We offer a set of comprehensive services to support your in-house maintenance teams to maximize the reliability and operational readiness of your installations.

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Modernizations and follow-up upgrade programs ensure that you have state-of-the-art technology.

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Spare Parts Logistics

Maximize your uptime and system availability with our reliable service offering of rapidly delivered, high-quality replacement parts.

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Mobile-PRO provides an affordable, safe, comprehensive and fast option for onsite refurbishment or repair of telescopic conveyors.

As a long-standing and reliable service partner, Siemens helps us constantly improve operational processes and system reliability, delivering high service levels for the 90 million customers we serve annually at our airports.

Omar BinadaiSenior Vice President Engineering Services Dubai Airports, 2018